Saturday, October 31, 2009

Reasons Why Ris Low Should Be Respected

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The former Miss Singapore 2009 had been in a lot of controversies and is driving Singaporeans mad. Everyone has been commenting how bad her English was and what a bad image she portrays for Singapore especially with her credit card fraud incident. However, there are several things that many did not noticed about Ris Low. This post I will specially highlight several things I noticed and actually respecting them regarding Ris Low. Please watch the video before continue reading if you people had not seen these videos.

1. Invention of the word "Boomz" and "Shingz"

Come one, you guys had to admit from her first interview for Razor TV and also Shan and Roz show, you guys had been laughing and may be at the slightest chance of mocking Ris Low by using these two words. How often do people come out with new words? This achievement already put her on the bloody same rank with William Shakespeare who invented over 1700 words commonly used includes the words "assasination" and "eyeball". If you can't invent a word daily used by everyone, you are just nowhere good enough with your creativity. Go bang against the wall after realizing you are stupider than her.

2. Her guts

You got to admit that Ris Low has guts or even hiding some balls of steel of her own by using the word KNNBCCB in this interview. She is carrying the Singaporeans' image even after being stripped off the title and yet she did that. RESPECT!!!

3. Proving stupidity can bring you success

Bad pronounciation of the words red, zebra prints etc can land you a fully sponsorshipped English lessons. Enough said. She is currently more than many white collar workers by being stupid. Or may be she's clever to pretend to be stupid in order to gain more money. Hm....I wonder...

4. Her looks to kill

To be honest, I still thinks the first and second runner-up for Miss Singapore 2009 are way hotter and better looking than her in terms of face and body. That's why I was wondering for days why she won until I found out this. She defines the term "looks can kill" literally. Why?

By wearing this black "bikini" (it looks like a fucking bra to me no matter how I look at it) to meet her future mother-in-law, I bet she is planning not to have one in the future. Any future mother-in-laws will die from vomitting too much blood upon meeting a future daughter-in-law who came to the house with only a bra or bikini top. This isn't some pool party unless she is planning to seduce her future mother-in-law into some kinky threesome. And she still wonders why she is single.

Shan commented in the video that the outfit could be worn to funerals and I applaud him for his sarcasm. Ris Low will be either killing much more people in the funeral, bringing certain "organs" to live or try and hopefully able to bring the dead back to live or scaring the living hell out of the ghosts.

5. Very efficient motivator

Seeing her interviews, I think many will curse and mock her by saying "That standard also can win Miss Singapore ah? I also better than her la...". Hence, many will feel that they are better than her and deserve better. I knew many people who now have confidence in the English they are using now. LOL

That's all from me this time. This is not really an interesting or funny post to me as I just post it up as a reminder that something that looks terrible, sounds terrible might not be so terrible after all.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Idiots At Their Best Series Part 3

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Ok...Just in case any of you guys missed the initial Part 1 and Part 2, and hence had nothing else better to do and wanted to read about it...Below are the links for you

Part 1
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This post will question you people what is the lamest or funniest pick up attempts anyone witnessed? I know more guys will end up commenting on this topic like most I've seen. Some of them wanted to impress girls by proclaiming how lame those attempts were and some wanted to prove to girls that not all guys are retards. I've seen one attempt by a guy who tried to pick up my friend.

I left the 3 poor girls alone while I talk to mine at the time on the phone. And that guy eventually go up to them and try to get to know them a little. When I got back, that guy was standing over my seat while trying his best not to choke on himself by speaking in mandarin. Unfortunately for him, all the 3 friends of mine were bananas like me and they know nuts about mandarin. the best ever line that one of them come out with is "We don't know mandarin".

As soon as i got back my seat, that guy apparently tried to speak in english but end up failing badly but he is still persistent. And this 3 girls are giving me a stare with indicates "Why the fuck are you keeping quiet? Say something and make him go away." but I was being a jackass totally enjoying how the whole event turns out. Finally, I lied to him that we are from Singapore and we won't be staying here for long. Before he left he shoke my friends' hand by introducing each other but when he went over to mine, I struck the sword through his heart by saying this.

"Haiya, guys no need wan la. Girls enough la. You also not interested"

You should look how he blushed and try to explain himself. Ok, I am a jackass at times. But you got to give him effort for trying. I thought that was actually quite admirable of him except being screwed by me at the end. But the main point of this post is not this, sorry if I made you read so long for nuts. Like I said, I'm a jackass.

There is this guy who is in the same university as me really open up a new chapter in impressing the ladies. We had this co-curriculum activity called "trekking" which involves the students who signed up to go for some dumb camping trip. The people that told me this (I don't label them as friends because not really close) said that this guy had a unique way of trying to impress the ladies which is......

Talking to a goat...

Of coz, he can't speak goat unless the goat had a supernatural ability to speak English and respond to this..

"Yo, yo brother wassup. Long time no see bla bla bla" (he really did say that)

Ok, unless he's really related to goats or THAT goat in particular, I can't see which part of this attempt will land you girls. Besides landing you the label of "retard", I don't think anyone will be impressed by that. The group of people behind him just trying very hard not to laugh and the girls reportedly trying very hard not to laugh as well. Not laughing him for being cute or charming but laughing him for his stupidity.

Did he get to know any girls from that attempt? If he had, then he would not have appear in this post. I do not have the picking up girls skills to laugh at him but that definitely isn't even near brilliant. So much for being creative.

That's all from me this time. Do leave a comment on what you regard the latest attempt you saw or experienced or done. Wait...I shouldn't request that since more guys will commentinstead of girls...LOL

Sunday, October 25, 2009

What Are Guys Thinking? Part 1

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I've been bombarded with this question a lot of times before by my female friends. Some say that I really enlightened their mind towards this issue and on most issues, I am dead right on the dot. I'm no love expert but it's just easy for me to read people's mind just by depicting what they were doing or saying even though they try to mask it. What I'm about to tell is not 100% accurate but I can guarantee you that it's more bloody accurate than females trying to preach how to understand guys.

Guys are actually quite easy to understand but since girls tend to complicate many issues and they end up with some conclusion that did not reflect guys at all. How often does it occurs that a guy trying to comment on the clothes his girl are wearing innocently but end up getting in deep shit and endless accusations that he thinks she is fugly. There are several things that we guys do, that we would like the girls to know. below are the following aspects we needed you girls to nailed it on your brains. One of it is this....

What other guys did or whatever crimes they commit doesn't reflect us.

The last thing that we need is false accusation on something that doesn't bloody reflect us at all. If you saw rapists on news, how often that you girls tend frown in disgust and say "All guys are like that". Or when your best friend's guy been cheating on them or being whistled by a group of guys who had nothing better to do. Then, you girls treat us coldly for a certain amount of time because you thought we were ambassador for the guys community. If every guy is like that, the world will only have rapists and bitches. This typical event just concludes how you girls thought what we guys are thinking. And then you claim you don't understand us.

Let me tell you this, what we guys thinking are actually quite simple. Unlike girls who like to give very vague hints, we tend to give strong hints. So don't go into all different conclusions that it's impossible that we are that simple-minded. The reason we did this is we do not want you girls to spend eternity trying to figure out what the opposite sex wants because honestly, we know how that feels. If we say you are pretty, we meant you are pretty and we want you. If we say you look fat in that shirt, we meant you look fat in that particular shirt but we are not saying you are fat or look fat in other shirt. So don't go all nuts accusing us that we think you are fat. If we seriously mind we would have either break up with you or do things to make you break up with us. I wanna go in details about this but I do not want this long post to end up too long so.

Another thing is why all guys seem like perverts and talk openly about the topic sex. Of course at this point, some guys will deny about this which conclude to either they are very very close minded or hypocrites. We talk about this openly cause it's much more interesting than talking about the weather. We talk about it but doesn't mean we think about it all the time and we don't have any possibility of raping people if we talk like that. Honestly, have anyone of you people ever heard rapists openly declare their sexual starvation or spreading news that they wanna have sex? It's mostly the quiet ones that you girls need to be aware of rather the open minded bunch. So don't go think that we are all sexual predators because we are not. Even many girls discuss about this openly but why do we do not label them as sexual predators or whores? Because we guys know the difference between open minded girls and whores.

There are a lot of things guys said which contain very direct message if you girls able to understand it. I take for an example a good female friend of mine ask who is in a flirting stage of relationship. This guy said to her "Don't concentrate on me too much". Let me break it down on how to decipher our message.

Don't concentrate on me too much.

The whole message actually meant that "please don't be desperate" as we guys do not like girls checking up on us for a long period of time unless we ask or do not mind you to. Why we do not say don't be too desperate to you? We are afraid the very emotional mind of yours might deduce not to find us anymore. We want you girls to find us regularly but we do not want it to be over the limits until it affect our freedom. We are afraid of losing you girls but yet do not want you girls to cling on us too much. Ironically, this is one of the initial step to show you girls that we are interested in you and testing how the relationship will be if we are with you.

Well, girls usually have either the option of "don't concentrate on me at all" or "concentrate on me only" but we guys only have "don't concentrate on me too much". This is because if we are not interested in you girls, we do not even bother with you and will only kept ignoring you. Unless if you girls go over the limit, we will blew out cool and ask you girls not to disturb us anymore. This is the least popular action we choose actually. The other popular option I shall reveal if there is any demand to it.

Most guys will usually tell you what they wants while girls find it romantic to messed up our circuits by dropping very very faint hints. And we end up wondering why do not get what you girls want. What do guys usually think? Pretty nothing much detailed or complicated. We probably hid more faults than thoughts from you. Unless those thoughts will lead us to a devastating death from you, we will definitely seal our lips upon this matter.

There are a lot I wanted to talk about but I want to see what sort of reaction I would get from this first. Feel free to drop comments and questions and I would like to know should I further continue with more posts regarding this matter. I hope there won't be any guys trying to bombard me with shits that I'm selling us out to the girls. Well, I'm not. I'm just trying to make your life better with your girl could understand you better.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Guy? Girl? Judgement

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After being in hiatus for more than a week due to thesis rushing and assignments battling, I kinda miss blogging and I decide to blog what I had been wondering for a long time. This question is this.

Why do girls often gasps at the sight of transsexual and said "OMG...He's prettier than me!! I'm so gonna hide in shame or better...kill myself..." while we guys do not seem to have a problem seeing a girl with more body hairs or muscular?

Of course, girls react with that with simple amazement and adoration for these beautiful men while some just drowned in jealousy. But we guys do not seem to share the same excitement. Seeing a manly looking girl, most of us just shrugged it away and say....So?? We do not really mind that but admit it, we somehow share the same excitement seeing a beautiful transsexual. I do agree that there are a lot of transsexual who are much more sexy and beautiful compare to normal girls. Fellow readers, I'm proud to present to you Treechada Petcharat or better known as Nong Poy.

Yes people... SHE is a former HE. A winner of Miss Tiffany 2004 which is a beauty pageant held specially for "girls" like Nong Poy. SHe's not the only pretty transsexual in the world but so far she's the best.

Look at the silky smooth skin and seductive figure

Ever guess that she's a guy?

There are million of people like Nong Poy which mostly are envied by the girls. They have silky smooth skin, superb body, outstanding facial feature and many more. However, many should consider this, they did everything just to look like a girl and they are the one should be jealous of girls and not girls jealous over them. They suffer a lot especially emotionally and mentally in becoming what they are now. I think they deserve the attention and jealousy they got from the female community. I would seiously date Nong Poy if given a chance. Would you?

However, why guys are not jealous of these girls?

Er...I think someone should introduce her the legendary product called SHAVER

I seriously thought she is either a crossdresser or a transsexual but I was wrong

How about that? Does that makes us guys jealous? Would I date them? HELL NO...Ok, Im not being fair to them so I'm gonna pick a celebrity icon to make you people further understand my point. Presenting Madonna

Yeap, she IS MADONNA

The used to be every guys' wet dream and MILF is now buffed up from the excessive gym and yoga exercise. She is more muscular and have much better muscle toning compare to most guys including mine. Although I wish to have a good body but do I get jealous over that?The answer is no. Judging from the size of her muscles, I think she could beat me flat in arm wrestling with me using 2 hands and her using her weaker hand. I hate to be clotheslined by THAT ARM...How about you guys?

Well, I'm not gonna say all girls that looks like guy or acts like guy are fugly. In fact, I found most tomboys are quite cool, cute and fun to be with. In fact, I found most tomboys are quite attractive. They are much more wild and fun to be with as time will not be bored. Take for example, Ella from the popular taiwan girl band, SHE.

Cute right? I will seriously date her too if given a chance. As a matter of fact, most tomboys or including lesbians who acts like a guy, they have their own attraction towards guys that they are not aware of. Some might even consider their attitude as an obstacle in getting in a relationship with guys which explains why some of them turn bi. Some can be quite sexy and cute but too bad they thought guys only like girls with long hair, gentle and shy.

Judging from what I wrote, I guess some might realise why I wonder about that question. Why do girls envy transsexuals? What's wrong with them looking more beautiful after they work hard for it? Especially tomboys, some of them felt even more inferior looking at these ladyboys and hence, overlooking the fact that they can be as attractive as well in another way.

Why guys don't feel that way? I somehow come to this conclusion that every guys out there subconsiously have this thought. "So what if they look more manly than me? I have a freaking functional and all natural 'bird'...Come and BEAT that". Well, I guess we do hold a great pride in our penises compare to other body parts. be fairto the girls, not every guys can pull it off like Nong Poy....Take for example ME...

I guess I fail miserably looking like a woman and not to say I wanted to look better than girls...So rest assured girls, the world ain't crowded with guys that can look better than girls...Nothing to fuss about beautiful men...That's all from me, my next post is gonna be a long but interesting post for the girls...Stay tuned..

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sushi King Big Bowl Challenge Owned

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I bet most of you guys heard about this Big Bowl Challenge by Sushi King which you need to finish this fucking-oversize-humongous-bowl-of-mee. I bet a lot of bloggers blog about this and even tried for this almost impossible feat. I know my post is kinda late but is better late than never. Well, how many could seriously finish that big bowl of shit within the time limit of 10 minutes and not to mention including finishing up the 1.5 litre of hot steaming soup?

I bet many had failed in this conquest and paid the consequences of overcharged bowl of mee while a rare few suceeded in getting some free meal. Let's get to my main point and let me introduce this challenger, Soon Lam San.

Not me of course, I am not really a big fan of their mee. Soon Lam San is my senior in UTM and he had made quite a name for being a big eater. Let's see how he can cope with this task, shall we?



Saw the smoky hot mee?

Going for the soup!!

Clean bowl with 4 minutes 21 seconds left...Monsters do exists

This dude finishes the bloody bowl of mee including the 1.5 litre of soup in 5 MINUTES 39 SECONDS which is 4 MINUTES 21 SECONDS to spare. He set the record time to finish it in Mahkota Parade, Melaka Notice that besides that bowl of soup, his bloody cup of green tea with unlimited amount of refill. I bet this fella is gonna stand around laughing at the noobs who couldn't even finish on time.

Quick facts about Soon Lam San:
1. Devour 9 pieces of chicken and 2 and a half bottle of chilli sauce in KFC at one time right in front of me. Take note that there's no chicken wings and only one drumstick in it.
2. 3 packs of maggie mee and a burger ayam double special(2 piece of meat and eggs)
3. Then 2 more pack of maggie for supper
4. Went to McDonald's buffet ate the burgers, chickens and nuggets worth more than double the price he paid for the buffet.
5. 3 fillet o fish burgers, 1 large set of frie chicken, not to mention the ice cream
6. Midnight 3 am supper of one regular set of fried chicken, one regular set mcdeluxe, 2 apple pies which i ordered for him and he eventually got sore throat the next day
7. Religiously consume 2 set of different meals for dinner
8. Eating all that and still claim to had lost weight this semester....fuck me....
9. His brother and uncle too finished the task around 8 about heritage

Since he finished it in record time, I guess Sushi King would put up this banner whenever such challenge came to play to exhibit his success.

While they are at it, might as well set up on every buffet restaurant to avoid bankruptcy. Take this as a note, he do not need free meals to get by his day and he's not a cheapskate anyway. Did anyone beat his time? If yes then please tell me.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Occupation Theme Songs

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Well, I seriously think that every occupation needed a theme song. You know, to add up the spice to everyday life. Things would definitely get interesting. Schools have their own anthem to start off their day, dramas and movies have their own theme song and also not to forget every countries' national anthem. So think I should come out with several theme songs for these few jobs.

1. Waiter/Waitress

The Moffats-I'll be there for you
I'll be there for you~When you need somebody~I'll be there for you~You call me I'll be there

Customer: Ane!!! Mau Order!!
Waiter: OK Boss....Coming~

2. Taxi Driver

N'Sync-You Drive Me Crazy
You Drive Me Crazy~Why are you messing with my mind~you drive me crazy~why are you telling all these lies

Uncle: Eh, Want taxi? Here got.
Heng:Uncle, here Pudu go Pearl Point how much ah?
Uncle: RM25
Heng: expensive....I usually sit around 10 with taxi meter k?
Uncle: Where got such thing? Impossible la..
Heng: Neva mind la....Thanks anyway...I wanna go take taxi that has a meter
Uncle: Now where got people use taxi with meter wan...If want taxi with meter then you must bring your own meter....You got? Don't have then no meter lo..
Heng: .......(further walks down a few streets with me and found a taxi with meter that charge RM12)

3. Traffic Police

A1-One More Try
Please give me one more try for the sake of our love~Please give me one more chance..

Traffic Police: Apa satu chance lagi? Bagi you semua one more chance dan saya no chance makan tau? NAH ambik saman RM300 ni....Mau mintak chance pulak....

4. Magnum 4D/Toto Agent

Ghostbuster Theme Song
When there's something strange~In your neighbourhood~Who you gonna call?

Aunty: Harlo....Ah Kau ah? Just now I see one cat go rape one dog hor....I already go check and "kaw kaw" the Choi San Yeh ah for the number me buy this number ah...XXXX...RM 10 big RM 10 small....XXXX you know? Don't buy wrong ah? If not I no kena then my turn rape you.
Ah Kau: Aunty, pressure le.....

5. Government Servant
Wu Yan Bing-Waiting for you
I'm waiting for~Waiting for you~Waiting for you to get my jobs done

*picture could not be displayed due to not making any judgement on any department*

G.S: You tunggu sekejab....
A: Er...Mau berapa lama?
G.S: Mau sampai dah....beberapa orang lagi saja

(After 30 minutes)


(After 1 hour)

A:ZZZZZZZZZZZ*huh? my turn liao?

(After 5 minutes)

G.S: Nah....sekarang u tunggu satu minggu untuk surat

(After 1 week)

A: Eh...Sudah ok ah?
G.S: Belum la....Sorry yah...Mau beberapa hari lagi..
A: &*!^#$*^!@#&*$(@$*()!

Fortunately, this matter is getting better....hopefullly this won't happen anymore

Well, that's some random craps from me. Hope you guys enjoy it. Please leave a comment if you guys have anything in mind regarding this matter. Till then, signing off.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My List of Cili Padi Ladies

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Enough with Megan Fox, Yuma Asami, Jessica Alba, Boa, Leah Dizon and so on so on. There are a lot of models and pretty ladies without much recognition for their stunning beauty. This post specifically about several ladies that I found extremely hot. They might be quite popular but I still thinks many still do not know who they are. At least this post will help several of my guy friends to drool about other than Megan Fox or Kristen Kruek. Malaysian babes should get some recognition too.

1. The Chong Sisters

Most of you guys are quite familiar with them while some might even heard of their bloody name before. Vanessa Chong and Pamela Chong are sisters to the first Akademi Fantasia winner Vince Chong and also the runner-up for the first ever Amazing Race Asia. just recently, they are nominated first in FHM Top 100 Most Wanted Women. Both of them are stunningly beautiful and sporty. They have been modelling and so on but I would like to see them act. Probably on Transformers along side Megan Fox? Sorry that I only found one picture of them. The other pictures I found do not do justice to them.
I'm looking forward for each of them to have their name known other than just being a dynamic duo of Chong Sisters.

2. Gan Mei Yan

The ever cute and sexy MyFM DJ that brightens up your morning with Lam Tak Wing. Honestly, I never knew that she was this good looking and I just like how the way she talks. From the radio, she sounds like avery outspoken and fun person to be with. Pretty, confident, humorous personality and active lass. Sounds like my dream girlfriend. Hope she cooks too. Too bad for us guys, she already had a boyfriend (lucky bastard). She should seriously consider some acting and VeeJaying like Chui Ling instead of just being a DJ.

The most charming part about her is her smile. What do you think?

4. Fiona Xie

Dubbed as one of the 7 princess of Mediacorp in Singapore, this Singaporean lass not only got Singapore guys going gaga over her but also Malaysians. Look at her! What is not to like? The smile? The 32-c boobs? The legs? DAMN. Although I heard she's quitting Mediacorp soon but she is sure to be missed sorely. Seriously, we need girls like her to brighten up the Chinese entertainment industry. How come Malaysia don't have our own princess ah?
Tell me that she doesn't look sweet and I will take a baseball bat and shove it down your throat.

5. Kay Kay

If there is anyone who is familiar with, I bet most guys would not missed out this friend of Xiaxue, Kay Kay. A Singaporean who is EXTREMELY hot. Everytime Xiaxue posted something on Kay Kay, I must admit she had my eyes glues to her blog. Occassionally, there were videos of her in Chick vs Dick which appeared on Xiaxue's blog. With her beauty and witty personality, I wondered why she isn't as famous as she should be. If I'm gonna produce an Asian teen flick, for sure I'm gonna request for her to appear in my movie. .
Kay Kay had made me wondered is Singaporean really flooded with hot women like her. Hm, time to get my passport done

6. Leng Yein

Next up, it's a made-in-Malaysia awesomely hot 24 year old model AND entreprenuer, Miss Leng Yein. When I saw her picture, her "assets" caught my attention and I thought this might just be another attention seeking chick who like to flashes some skin and could do nothing else. And HOW WRONG I was. Someone should just bloody slap me in the face and may be should be Leng Yein herself (LOL, as though she's gonna read this or even know me). This lass is a professional dancer and performing pianist. AND what I love about her the most is she had HER OWN MAMAK at Plaze Prima Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. How cool is that?

Being only at a tender age of 24, she already had a high profile career and with this mamak she opens, it just proves that she is very much independant on her own. And from the captions she wrote on her photo album, this girl not only have beauty and brains but also an attitude. Just what I love in a girl, and she should already be a role model for girl power, independant women or whatsoever. She had a very hot bodyShe's a regular customer at the saloon Penny works at. Probably I should bump into her either in her mamak or that saloon. Hm...Nah, she wouldn't notice anyway.

Must....look.....up.......Spicy isn't it? Wonder if any of you guys could stand the heat.

7. Belle Leng Sean

Yes, she is the younger sister of Leng Yein and also my favourite one among the two sisters in terms of outlook. Belle had a little more meat in her and her poses for photos are GODLIKE. Heard she's a profesional dancer too and she recently appeared in this month FHM incoming which is how I first spotted her. I liked her interview as it shows her witty and outspoken attitude. My favourite is how she replied when asked about her ideal office and also how she remarked that she had to constantly remind guys to look up and talk to her face not her boobs.

Being a younger sister of Leng Yein, I assume that both of them had the same attitude of being independant which I recognised at the moment she commented on how she likes to fight. Although her sister always protected her but she still doesn't shows any sign of just wanting people to pampered but like to fight it out on her own. A hot pair of sisters definitely double the appeal and its unfortunate that I could not find any pictures of them together. But still, here's some pictures of Belle Leng Sean for you.

Heard that she played "nurse" for her boyfriend too. What a lucky bastard. I put up only her cosplay photos as I found that these pictures that made her more appealing. This sisters definitely made the hottest chilli in the world to taste like tomato sauce.

That's it from me today, I had a hard time trying to find photos of Gan Mei Yan, Pam and Vanessa Chong and Kay Kay. For those who wanted more of the sisters of Leng Yein and Leng Sean, you can add them over in Facebook. Noted that these photos are from the internet and not mine. That's all from me, leave a comment on who's your hottest cili padi even if its yourself and may be suggest what should I blog about next.

Oh, the HOTTEST Cili Padi Guys? Sure, as there is one that beat every single guys hands down. Drum roll for.......

ME of course, why should I even care what other thinks? Fuck you if you don't like it. But please drop a comment. Signing off.


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