Sunday, October 4, 2009

Begging Monks = Scammers, PROOF HERE

JUST when I blogged about scammers, I happened to witness another one yesterday morning. I was on my way for breakfast with Heng. We went over to Restaurant Ong Lai at Taman Universiti which I think all the chinese in UTM knows about it. As I went over to get a copy of newspaper, I saw a "monk" entered the restaurant. At first I ignored it as I knew that he is a swindler but then what happen after that was really spectacular.

As I ordered my yong tau fu and noodles, I noticed the seller was looking over to the other side smiling and chatting "Fight already, fight already". I had to repeat my hello for 5 times before I finally caught his attention and ordered my kuey teow. Then out of my curiosity, I look over to that side and wondered what was so interesting. Then, I saw one of the vendors have a very very heated argument with the monk.
The monk throwing a tantrum

Apparently, the monk had been there once a few days ago and the restaurant owner had told him not to go over there anymore. However, the monk ignored her warning and returned to the place again yesterday morning. Then, the restaurant ask him to leave at once but he ignored her and continued to beg for money. He might be taking advantage over the female lady boss and showed no fear to her. This had provoked one of the vendor and he call the monk over and yell at him. He scolded him and ask him to leave.

Vendor: My boss ask you to leave and why are you still here begging?
Monk: I cannot hear.
Vendor: My place also can hear and she is next to you. ou dare to say you cannot hear? Last time we already ask you not to come here. Why you come back here? We do not welcome you here. get lost.
Monk: I do not want to leave. What you can do to stop me?
Vendor: You do not want to leave? Ok. Don't leave. I'll call police and you wait here.
Monk: Call la. I come to Malaysia already expect everything already. You think I'm scared ah? (He's from China and we know it from his accent)

Then the vendor went over without any hesitation to make the phone call. Then, the monk kept all his equipments which is a plastic cup containing "donations" and his beads. He then took out a few bananas and threw it across the street to the iron wall making a loud noise. He then march towards the vendor who is making the phone call while pushing chairs and tables around. His disguise had already been revealed with this tantrun he threw. Then he kept yelling as the vendor makes the call.
The vendor making a police report

Once the vendor had made the call, he threatened the monk to stay and the monk stayed on to show his bravery. Occasionally, the monk walked up to the vendor to argue. The vendor dared the monk to wait which he proceed to wait. The vendor said that the police will arrive in 5 minutes. Then, the following conversation took over.

Monk: Oi! Now already 7 minutes. Where's your men?
Vendor: Wait, they say traffic jam. Will be a bit late.
Monk: Then you want me wait how long? You got no right keep me here.
Vendor: I never keep you here. I just say I will respect you if you dare to wait.
Monk: Ok. You want me wait, then faster cook one bowl of mee for me now.
Vendor: Why must I cook for you? Who you think you are?
Monk: You want me wait so cook for me lo.
Vendor: I never say want you wait. I say you brave if you wait only. Don't want wait then go away lo.
Monk: Waste my time. (continue spilling out bullshit)

After that, the monk walk away with NO police show up. Me and Heng was expecting a good show, at least show this SOB not to con anymore but we were obviously disappointed with the outcome. Monks are vegetarian, don't lose temper, don't simply scold people and don't beg. So people, do not get fooled by these people. I bet people who donate to him are cursing him badly now.

Arguing before leaving

I had a blast watching this event and apparently my kuey teow soup vendor had a blast too. he forgot what I order and came over to ask me again. I forgive him as I too cannot take my eyes off this event.

Lastly, I wanna salute the vendor who stood up to this conman and scam. He did a good job in showing that Malaysians are not fool and not everyone is stupid enough to fall for this scam. He showes maturity and bravery in all his actions and that definitely put a good impression of him on me.

Then, I would like to say something to the police department in Taman Universiti, Skudai Johor. You guys are a disgrace to the Malaysians. I'm seriously disappointed that you guys never show up. Even after I finished my meal, you guys are nowhere to be seen. How hard is it to response to citizens in need? Your ever-efficient-attitude had made Malaysians look like coward in front of a foreign conman. the vendor had to even cover up by saying that you guys are stuck in the traffic jam. Come on, the police station is less than 1km away and it took about 2 minutes to run over here, 4 minutes to walk and less than a minute drive away from the restaurant. And during my one hour there, you guys are not even nearby. And the MPJBT officers who wore a vest written "Penguasa" just ignore the conman and did NUTS about it even that they are there to inspect the cleanliness. How can Malaysia ever be prosper with attitude like this? Malaysia, WE HAVE A PROBLEM.

P.S.: Sorry about the blurry picture as I was taking the pictures secretly.


小心 said...

wa... so exciting....

i wrote this post very long ago... about a beggar too...
Haiz...sometimes i really wonder if we should give... :(

Eric Lee said...

haha...there's a lot of way out rather than begging...sometimes i also got give out of sympathy...

Anonymous said...


It came out it papers!

Eric Lee said...

LOL....Thanks for the info...hahahaha

Dragon City said...

Expected lar.. What do u can expect from fat lazy malaysian police. Memang tak boleh harap one..

Eric Lee said... least they caught him in the end and fine him RM50...but i'm still not satisfied with them not showing up when the police station is less than 1 km away...probably 800 meters only..

Anonymous said...

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