About My Blog

Hi readers, I would like to remind fellow readers of this blog several things. This is to avoid any unnecessary troubles for ME which I definitely had encountered before on several occasion and would not want it to happen again. Although I think that’s a bit of like praying that pigs will fly. Anyway, here goes.

1. I’m subjected to my own opinion and you are subjected to yours. So, if you don’t like it, it’s not my problem and I would be glad to welcome any arguments you have about my blog posts. I do not mind it at all as I believe everyone should have freedom of speech here. However, please be prepared to get the same treatment from me because I will voice out my own opinion as well.

2. Be warned that if you leave nasty comments, I will give an even nastier one in return unless if I found that you are right in every single point. However, if you don’t have the balls to leave your link, then  wouldn’t hold back on you either.

3. Do not be entirely influenced by my blog posts. Although it’s through the purpose of this blog to provoke some thoughts and stereotypical opinions, I do not want to label myself as entirely correct. So if you read something over here, then use it to argue with your lovers or family members or friends, then it is your problem and not mine. I’m not that influential to begin with and so don’t use me as an excuse.

So, for those who aren’t sure what my blog is about. My blog basically are my thoughts about everything in life. I tends to encounter many people who do not know how to look things from a different perspective and so hence, my blog would provoke them to do so. I blog everything from my personal stuff, designs, friends and everything that concerns me.

If you somehow thinks that whatever I wrote coincides with your life(which some might think so), I would strongly suggest that this is just mere coincidence. I do not blog about anyone I haven’t met before. I even rarely blog about my idol or my family members or my friends. They are the only people for me worth blogging about. I only blog about all my close friends who I think they know who they are. Especially those who are well versed with my daily life and attitude. Although I might know you, but I won’t blog anything about you unless I myself had declared you as my close friend. Thanks and enjoy reading this boring blog of mine.


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