Friday, January 29, 2010

Crazy Things Parents Say

Had it occur to you before that your parents say something to you and you wish they didn't or simply just digging a hole and hide yourself from the world? I bet each and everyone of you had this experience before. If you wanna know more about these sort of stuff, I suggest you visit this SITE for further enjoyable read regarding the crazy things parents say.

Right here, I'm gonna talk about my parents. Don't get me wrong, we have a good relationship together and this post is not to humiliate them or whatsoever. But the things they said sometimes are just too darn hilarious and I think I should blog about it. I am born in a middle-class Chinese family with one very very extremely volatile mom and my dad, is definitely one of the world most realist person ever.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Judging A Person By Looks

How many of you guys do not judge a book by its cover please raise your hands. How many of you don't judge a person by their looks or try to make friends with everyone FIRST without caring their looks? If you are one of them then please slap yourself and reevaluate your opinion. There is absolutely NO ONE in the world that could judge a person by his or her first impression which is usually in this case - LOOKS.

Think about it. Is there anyone out there who don't judge a person by their appearance? Some of you people might disagree with me right now but wait. Let's see my points and then further think yourself. I wanna know how many people out there who actually thinks they don't judge a person by their looks in first meeting and after reading piece of crap from me, agrees to all my points and admit to the offense of judging people by their appearance in first meetings.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Right Thing To Do

Humans are often bombarded with questions on deciding which is the right thing to do. We need to make choices for a lot of things no matter we like it or not. Sometimes, I really do wonder are my actions correct and am I really suppose to do that. Am I suppose to wear like that? Am I suppose to exercise to get fit back or to sleep and regain my energy? Should I watch Western Porn or Japanese Porn?

There is this incident that happens to me recently. I was inside the lift in my hostel and suddenly an injured guy asked me to hold the button for him. He had broken his leg from what I observe and since he's on crutches, I guess the most reasonable thing to do is hold the lift button and wait for him. What I didn't notice is that he is holding a lit cigarette in one of his hand. I noticed that only when the lift door is closing up. Here's the problem. Although I had nothing against smokers or discriminate them but I absolutely fucking pissed if that guy don't even know the proper ethics to put it off before entering the elevator. I had this really sensitive nose that itches and wanted to sneeze every time some strong smelling stuff such is cigarettes, heavy perfume etc. That's the reason why I don't smoke besides being very kiasi and do not want to risk dying early.

When this occurs, should I let that guy in and continue to suffer and being tortured mentally and physically? Or should I be gracious and hold out the door to the one in needs? Why should I be considerate towards someone who is not even considerate towards others? Why should I suffer when I help those in need? So which exactly is the right thing to do?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How To Avoid Police Roadblock

As we drove down the road half drunk or speeding at 160km/h down the road hoping to catch the Manchester United match or some kinky fun with your wife/husband, then somehow out of nowhere those police will just appear to slap you with a big piece of "Ba Qua"(BBQ PORK). The time where each and everyone of us will automatically yelled "FUCK" in our heart. To make things worse, they can't seem to bring themselves to go "minum kopi" with you.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Swearing Meets Gender

Since I had been blogging pretty serious and boring stuff lately, I think I should take a break and loosen up a bit with this post. What do swearing got to do with gender? I always ask this question to many hypocrites and none of them could come out with a satisfying answer. This is how usually the conversation that goes.

A: I hate girls that swear. If I'm gonna choose a girlfriend, she better not be swearing.

Me: What do gender got to do with swearing?

A: Don't you think it is very unladylike to swear?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Is "Allah" A Necessity Worth Fighting For?

Every time i pick up the newspaper to read, I am totally amused and entertained. Not by the comics section or on which slut Tiger Woods had screwed. But by how amusing is Malaysians in all kinds of aspects. Malaysia had recently been rocked with news of arson attacks of churches and endless debate on the usage of the word "Allah" in the Christian Bible. Let's just face it, Malaysians are getting more and more ridiculous day by day.

Which part of it that made you guys frown? The disrespect shown by the Christians? The disrespect shown by the Islams? The childishness of the whole thing? The statement from our PM that everything's under control? To me, it is neither of them. I frown at the fact of how dumb can people be when they don't even understand what they are fighting.

What They Don't Understand?

They just don't understand the very basic thing they fighting for. They don't understand their religion. It is as simple as that and that's why it is so laughable. I bet many of you guys are rather confused of my statement so I shall elaborate. Do anyone understand why religion exists in the first place? It is a guide for us to lead a good life and so we will end up in heaven which makes this is the only common point between all religions. I am actually a free thinker although I'm a Buddhist so I shall view all these in a perfectly neutral position.

Monday, January 11, 2010

About The Retard Author

Since I never really tell anyone about me before, I guess what other better time than blogging about myself during my birthday. Please excuse me a moment of narcissism and self love. Many people do not really know me that well especially those that only know me through my blog, I guess it's about time for you guys to check me out.

Who Am I?
The name is Eric Lee Huangshi and yes I never really hides my name online. This is because I do not think I need to be. You guys can just simply call me as Eric. Why? Because nobody had the fucking memory to remember the name Huangshi. When I'm in secondary school, my English teacher thought my name is a girl's name despite teaching for 2 years. FML. And I had people kept forgetting my name even though it sounds exactly like the Chinese Emperor Shih Huang Ti in reverse.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

When Racism Is Just A Stereotype

Let's just face the real facts. Racism is becoming the norm in this society. I'm not gonna preach about how bad racism is or how stupid they are. To me, racism is more like a hatred towards stereotypes. The whole humanity is filled with stereotypes till the extend it is bloody easy to identify the thinking of a person. So what are the factors contributing towards racism? I blame it on the environment.

When we are still a kid, we rarely judge a person by their skin color or religion. As we grow up, we are being influenced by the stereotypes around us and to the extend developing a certain mindset that prejudice towards certain mindsets. The innocent and fragile young minds of ours had been polluted by the "environment" and now when we grew up the "environment" wanted to purify our minds. If you ask me, this is a whole lot of bullshit and the content of hypocrisy is very laughable.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

It was 9 and it is 10

Sorry to several people who had been waiting for me to blog. I had been in a busy week that made me unable to blog. But i guess, not much people will miss my blog like they do, so it doesn't really matter. Anyway, 2009 had passed and now 2010 is a whole new beginning. Had anyone of you reflect on your past or made any resolutions for this new year? I always reflect on my past but then I never ever made some resolution before. Most probably because I know I'm not really the type of person that could keep up with a fixed guidance for a long period of time. Since this is actually a personal blog for my thoughts, I'm gonna start of by telling certain things regarding my past years and then follow up what would I hope for the incoming year.
9 Important Events in 2009.

1. The Break Up


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