Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Gay Issue

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Let's be honest. Gays are the most discriminated groups of society alongside transsexuals in this modern times. Why lesbians aren't included? The reason is simple. Most girls would not discriminate against them and just treat them the same but probably a little less closer while most straight guys think they are hot. Gays? Most girls might actually find them affectionate and would not even bother with them while majority of the straight guys felt that the existence of gay men just tainted their entire history of manhood.

To tell the truth, I had little clue why gay men are gays. After a short discussion with Grey Ang and also discussions with several gay online friends of mine, I come to realize that they came with the conclusion that they are born that way. They are born with the natural sexual preference over the male species rather than female. Explanation? They don't really know it too. Some of them just couldn't get a hard on by the sight of women's breasts and some even to the stage where they nauseate over the sight of women's privates. While me thinking the greatest invention of God has got to be the women's breast, Hell, I would even set a religion and worship them, they just would not share the same idea as me.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Exclusive Toilet Paper Holder (18SX+)

Do you guys know what I like about design? Design makes everything possible. Think about it. Designers might be one of the occupation closest to becoming God. No disrespect to any religious extremist, but designers had done many things to make life much better for humans. Without designers, do you guys think it is possible to impress girls with your Ferarri, a dildo for self pleasure, condoms for keeping unwanted trouble or even the bloody underwear you are wearing to protect your balls?

What I am about to share with you guys is a toilet roll holder design which is so exclusive and unique to me and probably you need to be a freaking billionaire to own one of these. All credits should be given to the designer for coming out with this design. Designers are well respected by many unconsciously or consciously. Why? Take a look at this.

A toilet paper holder with the toilet paper coming out from the asshole. I bet most of you guys are laughing right now. This picture explains exactly why designers are well respected unconsciously and consciously. When a normal person draws an asshole, we will look at it as a perversion and that retard is nothing but a low class pervert. When a designer draws an asshole? Unique and freaking creative design, we love it even it sticks like an ass.

Look at the picture carefully. It is written 100% recycled. Are they referring to the toilet paper or holder? How the hell they gonna recycle an ass? If they do, this shit got to be expensive. that's why I said it is an exclusive product. Imagine what people could do with it besides taking out tissue. Hm...I wonder and I could picture this, a little girl asking her dad, "Daddy, why are you humping the wall" and he replies "Coz your mom don't do anal!!"

What else could happen? Any suggestion or comments?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'm A Follower

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I kept trying to think of a new topic to blog about but somehow this topic kept appearing in my head. I know I'm taking a big risk in blogging about this but I guess I'm not the type that simply trying to please everyone. It just happen recently that my lecturer called me a follower to a good friend of mine. To be honest, I do not that that's true and I'm definitely pissed about it.

I'm being interpreted at tagging along with that friend of mine which I highly disregard that's anywhere near to the fact. I do admit that I hang out pretty much with him only but to have the same thinking, opinion and ideas as him? I don't think so as our works greatly reflects two different personality. I did evaluate again that particular statement under rational consideration and I am able to figure out why I'm his follower. Let you guys be the judge, shall we?

First off, despite having frequent discussion over a lot of things from designs, sports to life, we had very different views. The most recent case of our debate revolves our design assessment which both me and him greatly disagree to each other. Although he's a bit pro to a side while I remain neutral, I do not sway my decision according to him and tag along. I do not know where's the assumption or "observation" they called it come from when I rarely did speak out in class unlike this active friend of mine.

Despite them including this good friend reads my blog, I seriously do not think why they still thinks that? Let my blogger friends be the judge. Can any of you write as much things as I do if you do not have your own thinking and opinion? It's true that he does not blog so we cannot compare out our thinking but I did not discuss these posts with him. Which also explains why he reads them because he does not have a fucking clue what is in here. Can any good bloggers I've known such as Butterfly, Grey Ang, Kenny Sia, Jennifer Chai, Kelvin, Aez or Donna, wrote all their entries if they are mere followers or copy cat of a certain person? This blog contains my original ideas and opinions not discussed with anyone but myself.

I'm just posting a short rant to lift this off my chest. There are a lot more things I could say but I will just stop over here. Writing more could further lead into several outcomes I did not wish to happen right now. I'm not biased or targeting anyone specifically. This is not a hate post to anyone including my lecturer. It's just another opinion of mine. Wait, probably is not mine as I'm just a follower. I shall stop writing as if I go on further, this would definitely be a hate post.

To you, my good friend who is reading this, I'm kinda disappointed in you for not helping me to defend myself when I'm trying to because you are well aware that I had my own opinion and thinking that is not identical to yours in any way but then you agree blindly with that lecturer. You might think it's a cruel joke but not to me. Whether or not you are angry with this post as you know who you are and many people do too, I don't really care just like how you did it that day. I will still treat you the same none the less as this is not a matter to shout about. After this post, I will vow to forget all these. I won't explain myself to anyone as I rather my actions do the talking. Signing off.

P.S: This is a personal post, you guys do not need to comment on this one but if you want, I gladly to.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Idiots At Their Best Series Part 4

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For the rest on the "Idiots At Their Best Series", check here. I personally named this post SHIT HAPPENS.
To start off, I confess that I took pleasure in laughing at idiots. Before you judge me, I'm gonna clarify that the idiot who I laughed at the most is none other than me myself. It's true that I laugh at myself and I do tell out my embarrassing stories at times to keep people happy. So, to be fair to all the idiots I blogged about in my past series, I'm gonna blog about myself on this one.

There are many idiotic things I had done before in my life so I just gonna share 3 stories with you guys today. I do not mind embarrassing myself once awhile for I believe people only truly learns and progress when they learn to laugh at themselves.

Story No.1

Do anyone of you guys hate ants? I don't actually hate bugs but recently ants had been getting on my nerves. My hatred towards them when they start infesting my room with no good reasons. Despite me wiping the table countless of times, they just keep coming. I do not know why for I am not diabetic or I kept way too many sweet stuff in my room. Probably coz I'm a sweet guy myself so I don't really know. *Yeah, I can guess eyes are rolling now*

So when I was just typing away on my previous lesbian post, I was drinking Starbucks bottled coffee at the same time. I unconsciously left the bottle open despite having about a quarter left while I'm busy arranging photos. I blame it on the hot lesbian actions that made me so distracted that I didn't know ants had already infested my bloody coffee that time. So without any hesitation, I drank only after 10 minutes leaving it alone and guess what? I felt something crawling in my mouth. I GULP IT AND ONLY REALIZED ANTS ARE ALL OVER MY BOTTLE. You can imagine what disaster happen next with me cursing loudly in my hostel while rushing over to wash my hands and mouth. I rinse my mouth to found out more than 10 bloody ants there. Who knows how many I had swallowed. I guess that's the loudest moment I yelled "MCB!! FUCK!!!!!!"

Story No.2

Another animal I really fucking hate are cats. Although I'm a dog person but I did not held any grudges or hatred towards cats before not until this incident happen. My hostels are infested with cats. When I say infested, it doesn't mean one or two but definitely more than 10. So, naturally these creatures will just walk right around our hostel area and basically rummage through the rubbish bins and shit everywhere in the hostel area. My roommate at that time did post up several notice to remind the hostel mates to close the door to prevent cats from entering and making the mess out of the premise. However, I do not understand why these fucking idiots can't read simply English and often ignores it.

Then one day, one of those cats decided to give me a little gift. I think it should actually directed towards my roommate that time since he dislikes cats and often kicks them to chase them out while I didn't do anything to them. But somehow, I got a bit luckier than he did. A fucking cat decides to shit in front of my room early in the morning. I woke up half awake due to lack of sleep and just blindly walk out of my room. And I stepped those fucking hot steamy shit BAREFOOTED. The only thing that prevents me from cursing "KNNBCCB" loudly and taking every available objects preferably durians to throw at every single fucking living cats in that hostel is my roommate is still asleep. That lucky bastard got away despite treating cats like that. He do reads my blog and should be laughing his ass off right now.

Story No.3

Have you ever saw a complete stranger that looks exactly like someone you knew? I am often being misunderstood as a senior in my high school and I always get a certain unwanted attention from it. I might say we two really look similar and I guess none will suspect anything if we claim we are brothers.

Once, I saw a person who resembles my friend who I had not met for several years. I thought of going over to say hi and be polite because we used to be very close. You guys must think that these sort of things happen often where you apologize quickly. Not in my situation. Having a playful nature really do drags me towards the lowest point of humiliation. Guess what I did? I went over his back, slap his ass and place my hand around his shoulder thinking acting gay might be a good ice breaker. That guy was not only shocked but also terrified that I'm gay and I'm about to rape him.

Imagine that awkward moment. Even though I quickly apologize after realizing my mistake, I had that person thinking that I'm gay. Imagine the awkward moment. Can that awkwardness be any stronger? Apparently it can. I had to stay there to wait for my friend while he had to stay there to wait for his. I had to walk to another place after 10 minutes being there and call my friend to meet up at another spot. I bet that guy still thinks I'm gay. Awkwardness and misunderstanding at their best.

That's all for now, I guess. There are many more idiotic moments of myself. may be when I feel like humiliating myself, then I will post them in the future. Signing off.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Vote Me For This Lesbian Post

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When I suggested to Kelvin to write a post about lesbian, he suggest to see who got more votes if both of us wrote the same thing. So, thinking it would be fun to go head on with one of the most popular blogger right now, here's my post. Unlike the super efficient Kelvin who did his post yesterday, I only managed to drag my lazy ass to do it today after a trip down Singapore yesterday. Here's Kelvin's post.

According to Wikipedia, lesbian is a term used to describe romantic and sexual interaction between females. To me, lesbians or bisexual women are the Holy Grail for men. Here are the reasons why.
1. They are almost impossible to get.
2. Apparently most lesbians are too bloody hot.
3. Even boyish tomboys have their cool appealing side towards the guys
4. Education from pornography
5. A FFM THREESOME IS POSSIBLE. (female-female-male)

I do get a lot of opinions are views regarding hat most lesbians hate guys. They despise us to the bone despite we getting a boner every time we see them. Well, that hard to get attitude do gets some of the guys very much interested instead. so turning a lesbian into a bisexual by becoming our girlfriends, is like either discovered the Holy Grail or finding life on Mars.

To make your guys happy and let you girls know why most guys want a bisexual girlfriend, here's why.

Omg....this blog is getting more and more obscene by day.

I would love to be in the car right now....seriously.....

I'm not sure if whether they are really lesbians or bisexuals or just a couple of hot females putting up a show for the camera.

Ok...After all these pictures, do you guys get my point? Apparently most of these females are freaking hot. They are in a totally different level. Now do you guys get it why I always dreamt of having a bisexual girlfriend myself? just imagine if you are a straight guy, be in between any of these hot women. I bet you guys will just simply melt away. Or may be your balls will shrink after being intimidated by them. I know I won't. Some of you guys might say this is wrong and saying you are a one woman man. Well, yeah I do agree. That's because they haven't ask you for it yet.

That's all from me today. Hope you guys will leave a comment and help me vote againt Kelvin's post. Hahaha being a famous blogger himself, I guess I will lose badly. Till then, bye.

P.S:Pictures' credits to
Prince's Collection, Singapore Agnes Tan and Pretty-Angel-For-You.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cursing And Its Advantages

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WARNING: This post contains various terms not suitable for minor or the faint hearted
I've been well known as a serial curser. It's hard to even imagine a day without me spewing any foul words such as "fuck" or anything similar to that. I've been endlessly reminded how foul I sound and how unpleasant my friends felt being around me. Well, I guess it's a bit selfish of me not to consider much about their feelings but do I really need to care when they don't care much about mine. Hmmm....I wonder.

Back then in our younger days, we felt that it is cool to curse due to the continuous influence of Hong Kong movies and also Hollywood movies. For God's sake, watch some Malay movies then your kids would not think that way. I guess many can feel that seeing a young boy as young as 9 years old spewing out words like Tiu Nia Mah or Fuck, we would often laugh as they remind us of our younger self and how stupid they look instead of looking cool.

To me, cursing is more of a form of language art rather than meaningless rants. The small kids did not know how to use it and that's why they look stupid and sound stupid. Some people might think that I too look stupid when I curse but mind you, you are the one who misunderstood about my art and concept of cursing. There are many ways of cursing in an appropriate way and many will agree to the several advantages that I'm soon gonna list out. If some of you are rather uncomfortable with curse words, I recommend you to stop reading right now and do something more worthwhile like watching Teletubbies.

1. It properly portray stages of emotion
When you are angry, how do you tell some one off? There might be several ways of communicating nicely to that person but then how often do you succeed? Some idiots just won't get it and they will never will because of the things you said doesn't properly portrays your feelings. If you say you wanna be good and do not wanna offend that particular person, then go ahead and let him continue offending you. If you care for them, doesn't mean they will care for you. Take for example, this situation.

A guy keeps on teasing and annoying you while you are handling something very important way. How will you respond?
The Holy Angel who is destined for Heaven(HA)
Please do not disturb me. I'm handling something important and I would like some private time alone to concentrate. Would you be so kind not to bother with me awhile? I will get back to you after I'm done.
Most Likely Consequence
Since, that guy is such an annoying idiot, I reckon he will linger awhile more just to pissed you off may be by saying "Wah, you so hardworking meh?" or "Haiya, don't pretend pretend la..."

KNNBCCB...You fucking blind cannot see me busy ah? Fuck off before I rip your fucking balls off your nut sack. Fucking brainless idiot.
Most Likely Consequence
Shut up and run off while guarding his balls. Will not ever disturb me anymore although it might ruin the relationship. Who needs a friend who is such a retard?

2. To make something lame to sound so much better.
To me, foul words are the most bombastic words ever. It could make a lame sounding sentence to a very convincing and interesting statement. Let me ask you guys this, who usually got your attention the most be it the most annoying or most interesting? A curser or a good mouthed goodie? The answer is always the one who curse. Vulgar words as a much needed exaggeration at times to make things simply goes your way. This is another case study to prove my point.

Coming out with an excuse of being late. Idea courtesy of Butterfly.
Sorry guys, I was stuck in the traffic jam. Real sorry.
Most Likely Consequence
They would just either brush it as an excuse and ignore it. They might accept it but none will pay attention to it.

CB...The traffic damn fucking jam just now. Dunno why the fuck no traffic light also so bloody jam. Fucking hate this shit man...
Most Likely Consequence
The rest of the guys join in and curse the traffic even though it never really did happen. They are not only convinced, they are INTO it. Notice that there is no apology needed for this statement as it doesn't sounds like your fault anymore.

3. A form of catalyst to enhance the humor of a reaction, situation or conversation
This is a trick usually used by many film makers especially Singapore's Jack Neo. He's is well known for instilling Hokkien foul words in order to make his movies way much funnier. You guys got to admit you can't just stop laughing at all the jokes regardless how foul they seem. Even in a conversation, the usage of foul words could greatly enhance the conversation value. Admit it guys, those who had been my friend, which one of you haven't laugh at me using certain vulgar words to make my point or reaction? I had several uni mates laughing their monkey ass off every time uses the word KNN. Take for example, how you guys would react to this statement.

A: Dude, you saw that hot chick over there? I just bang her last night. *grins*
Wow, she's a fine deal. Although I do not agree to such a vulgar topic but I think you have a reason to be happy.
Most Likely Consequence
Your friend thinking you might be gay.

WHAT THE FUCK??? How come such a fuck face like yours can get such a hot chick? Is she fucking blind or drunk during that time? Dude, you got to fucking pray to the God Of Sex for this bounty or you'll be cursed never to get laid again.
Most Likely Consequence
The conversation gets more detailed into how he got lucky and the conversation is always filled with spice especially when you mentioned how his fucked up face could get so lucky. He will elaborate on how they meet and how the sparks started. Why is this important? So, you will know the trick of getting such chick in the future, you dumbass.

4. Cursing a good way of releasing stress
Let's be honest. As an adult, I bet there are surely several times where you had no other choice to simply blurt out a few foul language either intentionally or unintentionally. I believe cursing actually helps us to release stress. Why do we sometimes could not control ourselves but to curse? Our mental stress is building up which affects our emotion and also rationality hence we would not be able to control our actions anymore. When you are unable to contain certain emotions such as happiness, sadness or even anger, we often unconsciously let our actions took control. When we were surprised, we yelled and scream even before we knew it. We cry when we are sad. Do all these actually had gone through rational consideration? The answer is no because that's the way our mind and body letting out excessive emotion outburst. Tell me which of these situations below would make you feel better. Let's consider this.

A guy cheats you with another girl who happens to be your best friend.
It's fine. *sobs* They are *sobs* in love and* I should *sobs* give them *sobs* my blessings. *sobs*
I'm very disappointed in the both of you. I wanna express my anger over here by words and not action. You both will receive divine punishment. Someday.
Most Likely Consequence
They are not entirely disturbed at all and won't give a nut shit about you.

Me(In this case, a girl)
Most Likely Consequence
They two would get mentally disturbed. Do this by telling it to everyone. I wonder how they suffer. The reason I uses a two-timing guy instead of a girl in this situation is to let some of you know this had nothing to do with my personal life or in reference to my last betrayal filled relationship.

There are many more reasons why cursing is actually good to me. I just got to avoid this long post from becoming a novel. In a nutshell, curse more and you end up happier with no retards will bother your work, able to convince ppl successfully, able to converse better and could let ppl know you are not easily bullied. How about you guys try to comment and list out several reasons why cursing is good/bad. Signing off. To those who disagree to my point, I'm so sorry to offend you but fuck you. XD

P.S: Although there are a lot of advantages for me in cursing, I still felt cursing towards respected people are way low-life. Cursing should be a form of art properly used. If you do not know how to use them, it just shows you are rude and stupid.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lightning Death And Lightning Rumours

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I bet most of you guys read in The Star newspaper yesterday regarding a college student was struck by lightning and hence died. For those who don't, here's the article. He's actually a close friend of my brother and was once an acquittance of mine but there was this argument. Anyway, here's my condolence to his family although I just barely know him. His death made me realized 3 important things in life.

1. Newspaper made mistakes and rarely corrects them.
As you read in the article, there are several things that either being purposely left out and incorrect or the writer didn't know shit on what he or she is writing. First of all, they did not even bother to correct his wrongly written name which is Han Yin and not Han Yim. Shouldn't they get their facts right at first? Secondly and worse of all, the ever impotent services. For detailed stories, please read THIS.
As you read, some might argue that their incompetence might due to the worst traffic condition in Subang Jaya which usually occurs around 6pm. I thought of that at first and probably thinking the paramedics didn't deserve this bombardment only to realized I WAS driving along that road in particular coming back from PC Fair which is a Sunday. The traffic is smooth flowing because none had to work on that day. So it's not really an excuse to be late as the trip from SJMC to USJ 6 probably only takes 15 minutes or so.

2. Death is by chance and luck

The chances of getting struck to death by lightning is approximately 1/10000. The chances of lightning striking not the tallest object(tree) but the shorter object, probably even less. The chances of getting struck by lightning RIGHT BEFORE entering the car to be safe, probably far even lesser. Times all those probability and there you have it, the probability of Han Yin getting struck by lightning and died. Tough luck. And hence, many deaths are determined by chances and luck rather than fate. We had heard people coming out from a car crash unhurt just like how the car freak accident. Life is some sort of a gamble it seems.

3. Lightning rumors

After some serious business, time for some enlightening jokes on the human nature. Apparently during this lightning incident happens, not much people around are able to witness and tell the whole incident. Somehow, the rumors starts spreading until it reaches a remarkable stage and sad to say, I could hardly contain my laughter.

Rumor no.1
All four of the boys were struck by lightning and all of them fainted, 3 of them collapsed and fell on Han Yin which partly contributes to his death.
Fact no.1
Only 1 guy fainted while the other two were shocked. Han Yin is the unfortunate one.

Rumour no.2
My brother is one of the victim and already half dead in the hospital. It progress till the stage where everyone starts calling him and asking him is he ok. Not only that, his college mates even planned a trip to visit him the next day together with 2 LECTURERS. He got calls from various people even including several secondary school juniors who he did not even remember a single shit about knowing them. Many speculate that he is half dead and could only lie on hospital bed.
Fact no. 2
My brother was with other people in USJ 9 eating spicy pan mee during that incident. When people ask me to inquire about my hospitalized brother, he was yam cha-ing with friends in USJ 2.

How the rumor no. 2 started I had no idea. Although he and Han Yin are very close but it just doesn't make sense to assume that my brother is in hospital half dead. My brother conclude that this is the reason why the whole rumor started. A phone call from his college mate.

Fren: Eh, Han Yin's case true ah?
Bro: Yeah, it's true.
Fren: Where are you now?
Bro: In the hospital. Why?
Fren: Oh. Are you ok?
Bro: Yeah, I'm ok. (confused)
Fren: Oh. Ok. You take care k? Bye. *puts down the phone*

My brother was at the hospital to check out Han Yin's condition and he was concerned over his friend. Thinking that this friend of his called him to console him regarding the matter of losing a friend. He did not really think much about it only after his other college friends call him and ask about his condition. And how fast the rumors spread? Practically 3 hours after that incident. Lightning speed huh?

That's all from me for now. Hope you guys like my new template and also my innocent looking Devil Sperm. It's what I see myself as at the beginning stage of my birth. LOL. Signing Off!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Lesbian Issue

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This topic coming out from a guy is highly unlikely but I guess who is better at describing this other than a guy. There are two reasons why I'm capable of debating this. Firstly, being a guy I think I could judge things at a certain angle girls would not explore into. Secondly, I think its more interesting to do so as it not only could attracts the attention of females but also males (on the other note, I think most guys are into this lesbian thingy).

I shall proceed with my stand that I think majority of the female community are born with a certain degree of tendency to being a lesbian. In another words, most of the females were born slightly bisexual. I'm not referring to any porn that states the ever famous quote "Every girl is a lesbian, they just need a d***" so do not worry and proceed to read on without any indecent thoughts in your mind. Below are the several reasons that made me came into that conclusion.

1. Most girls wished their boyfriends to be more like their besties.

Watching chick flicks, having a heart pouring session, shopping trips, branding us nicknames even some to the extend of naming our manly privates into some sissified nicks and many more. Which of these doesn't reflect that you girls wished that your boyfriends to be more like your girlfriends? It comes to the point where you wanted to do all your fun things which most guys hate and when we refuse, you girls would call out your gang of girlfriends and curse that idiot who is so insensitive. Darling, we are not insensitive but it's just we are not girls.

2. The sensitivity is always an issue
Most guys are not sensitive enough and I had to admit even I'm not sensitive enough although I did my best in doing so. Girls are highly sensitive and caring towards others be it girlfriends, boyfriends, family members, dogs, cats, teddy bears and even Princess Diana although none actually knew her in real life. I've seen girls cried over Princess Diana death with my very own two eyes although Princess Diana knows shits about them and the distance between us is more than 1000 km. NOW that's sensitivity. The sensitivity that guys do not possess and most girls wish we would. The sensitivity that all the girls loved be it tomboys, old granny, girl next door or super model. Men? Our sensitivity limits mostly to ourselves and our ego. If any guy possess that kind of sensitivity, that guy definitely got one of the best gift for women and from God. Girls love the sensitivity in girls. Period.

3. They check out girls
Face of an angel and body of a devil. They not only got men doing their "standing ovation" but also got girls admiring them. Who do not like to look at pretty girls with hot bods? I knew more girls checking out girls openly compare to guys. The mesmerizing effect of a woman's beauty is truly God's design at its best when it could attract attention from both sex.

There are few more details on why most girls are bisexual but I got to cut it short to make way for the several reasons why they do not turn into a full lesbian mode. Yes, it's true that we got a package to please women but that's not the reason at all.

1. Men's dominant and protective nature

Most girls love being pampered while most of them do not like playing the dominant role. Probably the magical works of hormones and genes that save the human race from being extinct by the overpopulation of lesbians. They seek not only love but also protection and pampering from a more dominant nature which most men provide. Seriously, there are very few girls capable of doing this and this is what makes us guys have a great advantage.

2. Opposite attracts
Sometimes we tend to seek what we do not possess and hence this is what I call opposite attraction. While girls seek for someone to be able to protect and pamper them, guys seek someone to be able to manage their life and care for them. What we have is what the opposite sex don't. Hence, opposite attraction.

3. We are their means of entertainment by nature

Laughter is the best medicine and also the best attraction ever. We guys often did things that would make the girls giggle either intentionally or unintentionally. How often do you girls laughed at girls? Now compare to how often do you girls laugh at boys? We just amuse you girls endlessly even to the point of branding us with the several famous labels such as "Boys will always be boys and never grow up", "Boys are such loser", "Boys are idiots" and many more. Laugh all you want sister because that's what makes you attracted to us to the point where some of us pretend to be silly to get your attention. Remember your primary and secondary school puppy love? *winks*

Think that's all for now. I suddenly have the urge to blog about this after discussing this matter with girl lately. Anyone wanna give their point of view regarding this matter? Do drop a comment. Hope you people enjoy another random post of mine. Signing off.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What Are Guys Thinking Pt 2

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Since Miss Aezlika had opened up a challenge, I guess it would fun.

10 Things Girls Should Know About Guys

Although I did not expect this part 2 to be like this but I guess it will be rather entertaining. So here I goes.

1. Honesty won't get us laid

Seriously, when girls ask us to be honest, we often have to end up choosing death by hanging or death by electric chair. Which most of the times, we end telling the very convenient "white lie" to save our ass. We have to admit that despite being an honest guy, we bound to have certain lies to save our ass. As Russell Peters stated in his stand-up, sometimes when we give a honest answer, you girls will think it as a lie. We have to lie to keep you and may be our pants happy. For us, honesty in the women's dictionary meant pleasant things they wanna hear. If we did something bad and be completely honest with you, will you girls forgive us for being honest. I got to say I've seen more girls lying than guys. So why not we each look at ourselves first. Most guys would only be honest without any pressure. Take that as a mental note.

2. The "break up" rule

As a matter of fact, we guys do realize this trick but we just keep quiet about it. Why? Because when we retort about the fact behind that rule, we will end up in bigger trouble than we already are in and that time you girls will seriously consider breaking up. Like I said, honesty is not well practiced in a relationship. I guess that implies to girls. Suggesting break up while you don't mean it doesn't seems honest to us. That's why we get very frustrated when this rule takes control. It just meant more work for us while we just hate the fact that the girls are did nothing much but wait.

3. Ego is always two sided for us
It is true that its best not to bring out too much of the men's ego. However, when we shower you with gift and did all the romantic things for you, we expect something in return. There's no such thing as a free meal. When we did those things for you, we pamper your feelings and emotions. Why not you girls pamper our ego as well? Guys' ego=Girl's emotion. Do it once awhile and we would be more than glad so that makes us do more things for you. Do you expect to work for free? When you girls think that you being happy is enough for us, how we respond? Sure love, anything for you and now how about a quickie? It would make me happy and then you should be happy as well right coz I'm happy?

4. We love you but we are not your personal commercial ad.
When you girls don't flaunt us as much to the public as most I've seen then why do we need to flaunt you girls to our guy friends so much. One thing that we guys don't like is a pal of ours suddenly turning our drinking session into an emo session about his couple problems so we usually will turned him away and isolate him in order to save our precious gathering. And we guys HATE to be left out by our pals. Seriously, we will put up with wearing couple t-shirts and so on. We will be glad to but please don't decorate our entire room, car or office with your favorite stuff and neglecting ours. Manchester United got to have its place somehow.

5. We hate being turned down
Just like how we put up with PMS and emotional breakdown, we hope that our girls will put up with our needs once awhile. So when we say let's just chill over the weekend, please don't put a fuss over the year end sales. We need time to chill and may be some watches football and I seriously thinks our wallets need a break.

6. We are egoistic creatures but let's reevaluate

Yeah, we are egoistic by nature but let's take a moment to reevaluate. We did a lot of things to make you girls happy and when we argue, we tends to make a very pathetic sorry that doesn't seems like one. What else do you girls need us to do? When you girls are at wrong, most of us get the blame instead and we just shut it until you blew our top. Look who's more egoistic now. We are not that good in apologising and not every guy is a romeo.

7. We love the way you are

We love everything about you. When we said it then we mean it. But most tend to think that we are just lying our heart out. It's true you have flaws but some of us might think that's unnecessary or the flaws made you girls cute. Trust us shall we? *winks*

8. Interaction between mother
We do not like you girls to get too up close and personal with our parents and mother especially. We want you to make a good impression for our parents but TRUST ME when I say that we do not need another mother by our side. So don't nag our flaws like our mothers did and discuss them with our mother. It irritates the shit out of us. You can discuss them gently with us and always add certain comforting words to sooth our ego just the way we like it.

9. We trust you but we don't trust other guys
When we forbid u to meet some guy friends of yours, it doesn't mean that we don't trust you. We just don't trust the guy. We are jealous and worried. Most girls enjoy the attention from guys like how we enjoy attention from girls but listen to us when we warn you. You girls might not know it but we know when you are giving chance for that guy because we are guys as well. So don't go fuming on us about not trusting you.

10. Porn doesn't mean cheating to us

I bet every guy be it gays or straights watched porn. When you girls explode and ask us to delete all our prized collection away, we just plead for you girls to understand. Either you give in to our sexual needs, watch them with us and if not then let the guys bond with their hands for a moment. We won't dump you for the virtual porn stars and we won't fell in love with them. We need to fulfill our lust once awhile just like how you girls want to be pampered. We just love you girls as much as our hobby doesn't mean a thing in our relationship.

Basically that's about it for now. The post got way too long even for my liking. Hope you girls don't take this personally because I meant no harm and you may correct me if I'm wrong be it guys or girls. Why don't we made this a chain blog post? I would sure love to see any reply to this. Haha. Post a blog on "10 things guys/girls should know about guys/girls".

P.S: This blog post is just my own perspective of guys and it doesn't reflect all the guys and even me at some point. I'm just generally stating and I'm not up against the women community. I still need to get married. XD Signing Out....

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Path of Design Part 2

3 Ideazzz
Well, once holiday arrived, my lazy genes start to kicks in which explains my lack of motivation to blog. Anyone miss my crap? Nope? Damn....

Let's start off from where we last left off. I apologize for not properly introducing the title of the previous projects. Sean's project is to design a gardening product while Chong How's project is to design a street furniture. Let's get on with the next entry which also involves street furniture.

1. Ooi Shi Jia

A street furniture should not only serve as a purposeful product. It should serve as part sculpture in order to enhance the aesthetics of an environment. The White Stripe achieved the exact requirement of a successful street furniture. A timeless design of playground-cum-sculpture will captivate the hearts of many with its outstanding form while preserving a touch of simplicity in it. Nonetheless, The White Stripe will definitely strip your breathe away.

Next up, a design project for storage. The project is to design a futuristic storage system for any product.

2. Loh Hwee Yun

Anyone fancy a fancy wine rack design? Since wine are produced by fermentation of grapes and bla bla bla which I conclude its a bunch of chemical reaction doing its thing in producing the finest liquid for consumption. A chemical bonding inspired design wine rack naturally comes in play to complete the whole chemical equation. The wine rack design not only produced aesthetically pleasing outlook, you too can play around with the way it should stand, look and hold.

That's all for part 2. This is rather a short post compare to my previous posts. For part 3, I will showcase designs from recycled metal products which is also my project. Honestly, I have second thoughts of publishing my design this time because it sucks aesthetically. However, I might reveal them after rounding up several of the good ones. Please comment on their designs, really appreciate it. Hopefully I will update my post as soon as possible although not much ppl will read it anyway.


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