Monday, December 14, 2009

Vote Me For This Lesbian Post

When I suggested to Kelvin to write a post about lesbian, he suggest to see who got more votes if both of us wrote the same thing. So, thinking it would be fun to go head on with one of the most popular blogger right now, here's my post. Unlike the super efficient Kelvin who did his post yesterday, I only managed to drag my lazy ass to do it today after a trip down Singapore yesterday. Here's Kelvin's post.

According to Wikipedia, lesbian is a term used to describe romantic and sexual interaction between females. To me, lesbians or bisexual women are the Holy Grail for men. Here are the reasons why.
1. They are almost impossible to get.
2. Apparently most lesbians are too bloody hot.
3. Even boyish tomboys have their cool appealing side towards the guys
4. Education from pornography
5. A FFM THREESOME IS POSSIBLE. (female-female-male)

I do get a lot of opinions are views regarding hat most lesbians hate guys. They despise us to the bone despite we getting a boner every time we see them. Well, that hard to get attitude do gets some of the guys very much interested instead. so turning a lesbian into a bisexual by becoming our girlfriends, is like either discovered the Holy Grail or finding life on Mars.

To make your guys happy and let you girls know why most guys want a bisexual girlfriend, here's why.

Omg....this blog is getting more and more obscene by day.

I would love to be in the car right now....seriously.....

I'm not sure if whether they are really lesbians or bisexuals or just a couple of hot females putting up a show for the camera.

Ok...After all these pictures, do you guys get my point? Apparently most of these females are freaking hot. They are in a totally different level. Now do you guys get it why I always dreamt of having a bisexual girlfriend myself? just imagine if you are a straight guy, be in between any of these hot women. I bet you guys will just simply melt away. Or may be your balls will shrink after being intimidated by them. I know I won't. Some of you guys might say this is wrong and saying you are a one woman man. Well, yeah I do agree. That's because they haven't ask you for it yet.

That's all from me today. Hope you guys will leave a comment and help me vote againt Kelvin's post. Hahaha being a famous blogger himself, I guess I will lose badly. Till then, bye.

P.S:Pictures' credits to
Prince's Collection, Singapore Agnes Tan and Pretty-Angel-For-You.


conan_cat said...

is it me or is it getting hot in here? xD

and where did you find all those lesbian pictures anyway?? so pretty lor the girls!

i wonder if all lesbians are that pretty :P

Kelvin said...

u totally won! Coz i lost my comments when i changed template haha^^ Nice posts:)

donna said...

u should put warning sign u know.. luckily i am not in office now.. later my boss tot i am opening porn site..
there gone my bonus.. wtf..

Eric Lee said...

grey: haha i did post the links i grabbed from..check bottom of the posts...haha btw is not only u...LOL

Kelvin: nah.....your girls are cute too...wish i can see those comments..LOL

donna:hahahaha i forgot about the warning hahaha where got porn here? May be your boss later join u along to watch...who knows right? hahaa

kenwooi said...

lol.. lesbian post! =P

Kristin said...

Wowow! Ur lesbian post is definitely better than Kelvin's!

Devella said...

I vote for you....LOL

Gratitude said...

I'm super trooper turned-on now! :P

hooichie said...

urs is better....haha....ur photo is tooooooo HOT lar~~~ phew~~

von Yvonne said...

hah i just posted about my ideal lesbian partner too, some time last week.

Eric Lee said...

kenwooi:getting excited? LOL

kristin: nah...i thinks he got credits for originality

devella: lol..thanks i guess

Gratitude: imagine me blogging about this...i just can't concentrate

hooichie: lol...not my pictures also...

von: actually i read that post before hahaha

Eric Lee said...

kenwooi:getting excited? LOL

kristin: nah...i thinks he got credits for originality

devella: lol..thanks i guess

Gratitude: imagine me blogging about this...i just can't concentrate

hooichie: lol...not my pictures also...

von: actually i read that post before hahaha

Ariff Suffian Zainal  said...

Gotta love them lesbians

Zhi Kang said...

Symmetrical docking.......

Hmm, such perfection and deliciously hot as well...........

Omfg, my "precious" is singing "Negaraku" now...... =_="

Anonymous said...

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