Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Idiots At Their Best Series Part 4

For the rest on the "Idiots At Their Best Series", check here. I personally named this post SHIT HAPPENS.
To start off, I confess that I took pleasure in laughing at idiots. Before you judge me, I'm gonna clarify that the idiot who I laughed at the most is none other than me myself. It's true that I laugh at myself and I do tell out my embarrassing stories at times to keep people happy. So, to be fair to all the idiots I blogged about in my past series, I'm gonna blog about myself on this one.

There are many idiotic things I had done before in my life so I just gonna share 3 stories with you guys today. I do not mind embarrassing myself once awhile for I believe people only truly learns and progress when they learn to laugh at themselves.

Story No.1

Do anyone of you guys hate ants? I don't actually hate bugs but recently ants had been getting on my nerves. My hatred towards them when they start infesting my room with no good reasons. Despite me wiping the table countless of times, they just keep coming. I do not know why for I am not diabetic or I kept way too many sweet stuff in my room. Probably coz I'm a sweet guy myself so I don't really know. *Yeah, I can guess eyes are rolling now*

So when I was just typing away on my previous lesbian post, I was drinking Starbucks bottled coffee at the same time. I unconsciously left the bottle open despite having about a quarter left while I'm busy arranging photos. I blame it on the hot lesbian actions that made me so distracted that I didn't know ants had already infested my bloody coffee that time. So without any hesitation, I drank only after 10 minutes leaving it alone and guess what? I felt something crawling in my mouth. I GULP IT AND ONLY REALIZED ANTS ARE ALL OVER MY BOTTLE. You can imagine what disaster happen next with me cursing loudly in my hostel while rushing over to wash my hands and mouth. I rinse my mouth to found out more than 10 bloody ants there. Who knows how many I had swallowed. I guess that's the loudest moment I yelled "MCB!! FUCK!!!!!!"

Story No.2

Another animal I really fucking hate are cats. Although I'm a dog person but I did not held any grudges or hatred towards cats before not until this incident happen. My hostels are infested with cats. When I say infested, it doesn't mean one or two but definitely more than 10. So, naturally these creatures will just walk right around our hostel area and basically rummage through the rubbish bins and shit everywhere in the hostel area. My roommate at that time did post up several notice to remind the hostel mates to close the door to prevent cats from entering and making the mess out of the premise. However, I do not understand why these fucking idiots can't read simply English and often ignores it.

Then one day, one of those cats decided to give me a little gift. I think it should actually directed towards my roommate that time since he dislikes cats and often kicks them to chase them out while I didn't do anything to them. But somehow, I got a bit luckier than he did. A fucking cat decides to shit in front of my room early in the morning. I woke up half awake due to lack of sleep and just blindly walk out of my room. And I stepped those fucking hot steamy shit BAREFOOTED. The only thing that prevents me from cursing "KNNBCCB" loudly and taking every available objects preferably durians to throw at every single fucking living cats in that hostel is my roommate is still asleep. That lucky bastard got away despite treating cats like that. He do reads my blog and should be laughing his ass off right now.

Story No.3

Have you ever saw a complete stranger that looks exactly like someone you knew? I am often being misunderstood as a senior in my high school and I always get a certain unwanted attention from it. I might say we two really look similar and I guess none will suspect anything if we claim we are brothers.

Once, I saw a person who resembles my friend who I had not met for several years. I thought of going over to say hi and be polite because we used to be very close. You guys must think that these sort of things happen often where you apologize quickly. Not in my situation. Having a playful nature really do drags me towards the lowest point of humiliation. Guess what I did? I went over his back, slap his ass and place my hand around his shoulder thinking acting gay might be a good ice breaker. That guy was not only shocked but also terrified that I'm gay and I'm about to rape him.

Imagine that awkward moment. Even though I quickly apologize after realizing my mistake, I had that person thinking that I'm gay. Imagine the awkward moment. Can that awkwardness be any stronger? Apparently it can. I had to stay there to wait for my friend while he had to stay there to wait for his. I had to walk to another place after 10 minutes being there and call my friend to meet up at another spot. I bet that guy still thinks I'm gay. Awkwardness and misunderstanding at their best.

That's all for now, I guess. There are many more idiotic moments of myself. may be when I feel like humiliating myself, then I will post them in the future. Signing off.


theeggyolks said...

LOL! your stories were funny!! haha!!

Miss Hanz said...

im a cat person!! anyway, about the shit incident, fate dude, fate.

conan_cat said...

haha! well as you said, shit happens, really :P there are so many things that we do that are kinda idiotic, putting them all in a list is gonna be real loong, lol.

i had the coke experience too... my table occasionally gets filled up with ants that i don't know where they come from haha...

Eric Lee said...

eggyolks: LOL i dunno whether to thank you or curse u since it's my humiliating moment...ahahha

Hanz: =.=....i shall feed that cat with its own shit if I ever found out which cat is that...Blame it on fate

Grey: ants do really sounds like alien...where the hell they come

{ aggie } said...

LOL which senior you look like la?

donna said...

1) ewwwwwwwwwww... that would be disgusting

2) UTM hostel.. tell me about it.. Zzz... Sometimes at night would have some horny cats' MIAWING" too.. =.="

3) no coment.. haha

Eric Lee said...

aggie: forgot his name..weng hon ah? can't remember

donna: why no comment for 3rd one? hahaha did u record the "MIAWING" scene? hahaha UTM is full of horny cats la..

{ aggie } said...

Oh Gillian's bf then (not sure if they're still together now la) is it?

Hmm maybe you guys look similar due to the hairstyle lol. Ok you guys look alike A BIT la since you've already mentioned it.

Anonymous said...

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