Sunday, May 17, 2009

3SRI Assessment

6 Ideazzz
Here's the post that i've promised earlier....This is one hell of a long post too....Actually most of my posts are long nowadays that it is so hard to believe that i do used to write shorter. The reason for the delay is because my computer now does not have an internet connection and i had to blog using my bro's com..And there is also a few complications came up which made me unable to update...

My senior's project - Prehistoric Animal Sculpture and also Autogyro

Autogyro is basically a one-man-maneuvered-helicopter

Prehistoric Animal Scupture is a sculpture of prehistoric animals such as dinosaurs, mammoths, sabertooths, big-ass-animals-that-already-dead, Michael Jackson and so on so on....their scupture were built with mechanical parts and also other means of materials to make them look futuristic and the-other-projects-to-look-like-craps..... Shall we?

First of.....contestants for Dead-Big-Ass-Animal-Sculpture...


The usual suspect, Tyrannosaurus Rex


Sabertooth Tiger


For this project, i personally feels that the Troodon Sculpture really kicks ass...But the effort of the rest is really good..The triceratop group even had their grinder (or so I've heard ) got confiscated by their College management... Next up....Autogyro.....

The AeroGyroEagle Eye Autogyro
I personally feels that the Aerogyro model had much better finishing but overall i still feel the Eagle Eye by Sean's group is better in terms of sketching and panel...the form, shape and colour of the Eagle Eye too are much more interesting....So, i would pick the Eagle Eye as the better one out of these two...It's too bad that we do not have enough Autogyros to compare with so my choice might not be the best...Well, all of them can perform better than me at least =.=........

Some of you might find out that i hurriedly present their works in this post which is because i know that there are not many people that will read finish my blog..So at least i hurriedly give them the limelight they deserve before proceeding to tonnes of trash talks, photos and some same shit that i did with almost every post...So if you are not going to further read then you can quit now but before that please click on the ads before u go XD


When the Eagle Eye is not quite an Eagle yet....

I still wondering why the other two look so stunned in this photo...probably lack of sleep
When Troodon is just a bloody metal "Bone Clinkz" before becoming Ironman
Tai Lou: Must control en dao......

Ah Soon: Finally something bigger than me!!!!!

Sean made me realized that this T-Rex looks kinda retarded with the eyes like that..hahaha
I love how the finishing and leg is done...

That's my bag..hahaha Is it just me or the dinosaur will look better with a human head in between the

Sabertooth on the hunt!!
The arse can actually movesStegosaurus lurking

Triceratops poser...

Crounching Troodon and Hidden Troodon
I seriously love how they combine those parts into such a cool sculpture....DO anyone notice that they uses motor brake handles for the claws????

The designer, Aqbar( in yellow and black jacket) with ah soon and T-rex

Post Presentation.......
The Troodon Troupe
En. Idris Ishak (lecturer) with the group...the lecturer is a Malaysia's Book of Records holde for his project in UTM...
Yours truly, posing with his favourite art piece of the day....

Me and Sean camwhoring with T-Rex...
Sabertooth Wukong....Sean is a fucking camwhore if u guys still haven't noticed it haha

The Bullshit Philosopher with his stegosaurus...
Sean with his group's Eagle Eye...Too bad i didn't have the designer taken together with the Autogyro...
I dunno what the fuck is this photo about...Looks so retarted and gay ahhahahaa

Down and wasted....
Screwed thoroughly...Sean is either weeping in humiliation or grinning and wanting for more...
Shi Jia: Gang banging session of my ex-roommate is a success
Well, that's the end of my another long least i tried to keep it as short as possible this time... The pictures I've posted is not even a quarter of what i had...Till then....The next post will be on 4SRI projects and degree shows...


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