Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Beggars, Swindlers And Doubt...The Day I Got Conned

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How often does it occurs to you that a beggar came up to you just when you wanna dig in into your favorite "char kuey teow" or chicken rice? How about when you walk around pasar malam to restock your made-in-Malaysia DVD of the latest movies in cinema and also the already wide collection of Japanese-culture-appreciation-DVD, then you spotted some handicapped lying on the floor begging for money?

This situation is common enough in Malaysia and surely enough, we heard many stories of conmen being in disguise. However, as the guilt trip reaps into your soul and began to create some doubts within yourself. Questions commonly popped up such as "What if it's real?" and "Will I go to hell if I do not help him?". The guilt built up will eventually push someone to donate while some just being too darn good to donate. No matter which option you choose, there will certainly be some doubts lingering within your mind pondering your decision.

I'm gonna relate to you a few true stories and two of them are first hand experience.

The first story is a case often told to me by my mother. Being an "Ipoh Mali" lad, I am born and stayed in Ipoh until I was 10 years old before moving to Subang Jaya. This means that my parents used to work here. To all the "Ipoh Mali" peeps, I bet most of you are very familiar with the famous restaurant under the "Big Tree" that sells "yong tau fu" or "liu".

Before the place underwent renovation, I bet some people might actually recall a limped uncle always hanging around begging for money. He's been there before I was born and the last time I saw him was last year. He will limped around begging money from customers with a very very unpleasant appearance that most people will instantly felt pity for him.

However, little to your knowledge, this uncle apparently has a "son". Every morning around 7, the "son" will drop him off at this place with his MERCEDES. I do not really know the market price of a Mercedes, however, owning a bloody Mercedes in the 1990's means you are damn fucking rich. The "son" will drop him off this area every morning and picks him up at night to BEG for money. I do not really know for sure is it his son as that is what I heard from my mother.

Why do I know of this? Because my mom's best friend lives nearby and every morning, she saw the same incident. Business must be good since he's been begging for 20 years. those who do not know of this, continue to donate, those who knows, despise and scolded him off. Now, how many "Ipoh Mali" peeps fell for this scam?

My second story was witnessed by me first hand earlier this year when I'm doing my internship. It was a Saturday morning and I am sitting in Old Taste Kopitiam in Taipan with a cup of hazelnut coffee and a newspaper in my hand. Apparently, my boss forgot to hand me the key for the door and I could not get in the company so I have to hang around that place.

Suddenly, a very frail looking old lady came up limping with a "tongkat" to me speaking in Hokkien and begging for money. Being extremely moody that day and I do not like people assuming everyone knows how to speak in Hokkien, so I politely give her the silent treatment and put up my hand to indicate NO. She got the message BUT end up standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, showing her back and leg was extremely painful while sighing. Too bad for her that it only annoys me more and I simply ignore her.

Then she walk around the place and somehow only a businessman with a female counterpart donated each RM 1 for her. The old lady thanked them and walk to the ledge and stairs at the entrance. The entrance was blocked by a car and only provide a very narrow space for walking. AND LIKE MAGIC, God work his miracle in front of me, the old lady stood up straight and take up her walking stick. She alighted the ledge with very much ease like a young person and walk smoothly without the help of the stick. Since the space is narrow, she walked sideways with very big step while carrying the stick up. Then she walk away without even using the stick.

The BEST part of it is, SHE'S doing it RIGHT IN FRONT of the pair that donated to her. The guy was shocked and quickly motioned his friend to look over. Both of them are shocked but decided to let it go. I witnessed the whole situation with very much interest and it surely humours me.

The final story is a situation happened to me when I'm in my office during internship. I was having a terrible headache and was practically moodless that time. My boss's husband just passed away and I have many things in hand to handle for my boss's behalf. So you can imagine my stress.

Suddenly, an old lady rang the door bell (Seriously, why most of them are old people well over age of 50?). I opened the door for her as I thought she is a customer. She just barged in even before I could open the door fully for her and this seriously shocked me. And she began to ask for my name, what is my position at that company and how much is the display set at the entrance of my company. Pretty standard questions for a customer so I answer without any hesitation plus she spoke very fluent English with an American accent.

And then out of the sudden, she told me that she is a psycologist and had her own clinic over in Canada. And she kept emphazing the point she owns a psycology clinic in Canada Ok, I cannot differentiate Canada and American accent. She told me at that moment, she's doing charity for orphans and ask me to buy a bookmark from her as a donation. I hesitated at the moment and told her I'm stil a student. However, she kept pestering me and under the pressure of my headache, I fork out RM5 for her as I thought that a person that speaks such fluent English might not be a fraud.

She thanked me and hand me the bookmark and just leave. I only thought of how annoying she is by disturbing me for 30 minutes when she's not even a potential customer. It was not until several days later that it hit me right in the gut. I GOT CONNED. These are the several points that I thought about under no headaches and perfectly rational mindset.

  1. If she owns her own psychology clinic in Canada and this means she's really rich. If she wanna help out in charity, she could just DONATE HER OWN MONEY. Rich people don't go around selling things by the name of donation. That's what scammers do!!!
  2. If she is rich, then she could donate her own money and help around the orphanage to take care the orphans instead of walking around asking for donation. Plus, the donation might not even work out as well.
  3. If she really does have a clinic in Canada then shouldn't she BE IN CANADA?
  4. If she's here means she's on vacation then why work? If she wanna help around charity during her vacation instead of relaxing then why use this method? She could set up funding project that could guarantee trust from people
  5. Usually they don't charity alone, but she is alone and she do not carry any proof of doing charity for which orphanage. if you gonna work charity alone, then u wun walk around asking for money ALONE but instead took care of the orphans and play with them
  6. The bookmark is so crappy that it is only made from manila card with color pencil writings and small ribbon on it
  7. Asking money from Canadians would be much more profitable than stingy Malaysians like me.
  8. Kept emphasizing she have a clinic in Canada. Already shows it is a gimmick that proves she don't need the money.

I cover myself in shame for being conned...LOL

If I do not have a headache that day, I would not even donate a sen. This proves I'm still too stupid for my own good. I hope this post will ease certain people's guilt of not donating and also help those who donate to think twice by considering more aspects. And those who donate to monks and nuns on the street then let me enlighten you guys for some pointers.
  1. Nuns and monks do not need money for food. Temples provide free vegetarian food for them so therefore, they do not need money.
  2. Temples usually have many donors and big fat rich donors too. I went to pay respect for my late uncle and nuns at that temple drove brand new Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, BMW and many more. All these were donated by donors. Even temples are built by community members, companies or government who provide funds.
  3. Their costumes can easily be obtained
  4. Since religion stated greed for money is bad, then why they do this? Don't they practise what they preach?
  5. Temples provide free lodgings too so they do not need to worry anything else. If there is anything they lack then it should be sex which they need to forget about it.
That's another long post from me. Hope you guys enjoy the details of it if you ever read till this part. leave me a comment if you are here. Thanks and click my ads. I'm not a monk so I NEED MONEY.

P.S: I threw away the bookmark before i even thought about blogging it. SO, no pictures

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Father's Day..LOL

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I love sarcasm. Using them, hearing them and even getting them are very much amusing them. When a good little sarcasm is used in a advertisement or packaging? CLASSIC....Saw this over on the net and decided to share.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Relaxing But Hectic Trip To Genting

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A very hastily planned trip doesn't always worked well. The trip was planned just 2 days before the trip and the tickets were bought a day before it. It all started funny when I drove all the way to KL Sentral only to end up not knowing where to park the car. Heng have to walk quite a distance to get the tickets while I'm listening to Gary Chao's songs in the car.

The next morning, Chai Lei was late and the bus was delayed 2 MINUTES just to await her arrival. You know what? We got bloody screwed from the bus driver and bus conductor. Suddenly, I began to miss the ever-late-bus at Pudu and the drivers there not minding to wait for 10 minutes. I got sick during that day, a sore throat, flu and a possible mild fever. This had further indicates this trip gonna be a fucked up one.
Yours Truly,

And the rest of the peeps.

As soon as we arrived at Genting via the cable car, we were greeted by our tour guide and also the ever-generous Penny's father, Johnny. The moment I saw his thin side crops and neatly styled but funky hair of his, I had a feeling that her dad is kinda cool for his age. When I spotted the tattoos on both of his hands, I suddenly wished my father would have tattoos too. How cool was that! I'm not ass-kissing Johnny here or anything even though he treated us to two meals and get us a discount for theme park fare. Johnny is a cool guy not only because of his appearance but also his witty personality. These are the several conversation involves Johnny.

Heng: Wanna go for Corkscrew?
Me: No. That's too extreme for me...
Johnny: (Interrupts my speech half-way) Screw The Cock.
Heng: Cock the screw.
Me: Yeah. And screw the Corkscrew.

And during dinner...

Penny passes us our bowl of soup. One of Heng's friend was together with us but I could not recall her name so I shall call her A.
Johnny: This is for you(passes the small bowl to A) and this is mine(taking the whole pot)
A: Our one so small and your one so big ah? Give some la.
Johnny: Oh, sure.(takes out the only prawn and several other ingredients)Help yourself with whatever remains there.
A: There's nothing in it anymore!
Johnny: (gestures to me)Help yourself in whatever remains there.

The trip was filled with rainy moments but we too had several events, conversation or jokes that makes this trip a whole lot interesting. As usual, I made quite an impact with the many things I did. One of it is....

Heng: Come on, Eric. Go for the Corkscrew. You play then Chai Lei will play also.
Me: No! I will piss my pants.
Penny: Then you go pee in toilet first then no more excuse.
Me: I'll shit myself.
Penny: Then you go toilet settle everything only comes out and play.
Me: I'll vomit then. (I admit I'm kinda a pussy at times when it comes to heights)

And not to forget...My constant molestation on random things

We saw a freaking cool guy selling the chinese flute. Penny could not resists and request him for a song.

Penny: Can play us a song with that flute ah?
Guy: Sure!! What song do you want?
Penny: Can you please play the "Sheng Mu Yu Tong"'s "Wei Ni Er Huo"? Thank you very much first.
Guy: Huh?? Er...(Stunned for a few seconds and looking blank)
Penny: Never mind. Just play what you best at.

We too had several priceless moments worth sharing with many. One of it is further proof that Chai Lei is blind. She had previously misread my number plate 6310 as 8310 and the following conversation further proves her blindness.

Chai Lei: Eh, why there is black smoke ah?
Me : Huh? What?
Chai Lei: Why got black smoke there? (points at a direction)
Me: : That's not black smoke. IT'S A BLOODY TREE

Chai Lei wore a 3-inch high heels over here for one particular reason. Its because our height difference wouldn't be too apparent and she can converse more comfortably. Looking back at the things we did and the hours we spent, it's definitely a BAD idea. This prompt us to go shopping with her for a new pair of shoes.
Chai Lei with her high heels.

Johnny: Datang sini untuk 12 jam, takkan nak pakai high heels. Lain kali, pakai macam ini la.(points at his sneakers)
Chai Lei: Haiyo, saya tak tau ma. Dia cakap datang jalan-jalan saja.(points at me)
Johnny: Yalah. Jalan-jalan untuk 12 jam, nak pakai kasut ini? Patah oor..

We did went for bowling and this picture is solely for proof to Chai Lei who challenged me to score over 100 and beat the others. And I get 2 drinks for it. IN YOUR FACE! HAHA! E is me.

We stumbled upon Michael Jackson The One Tribute concert by Michael Jackson of Asia whose name I could not even bother to remember.

This trip was filled with a lot of self camwhoring which prompt to these few remarks.

Penny: How long does it takes the cable car to reach Genting.
Me: About 15 minutes
Penny: (turns to Heng and frowns)He's gonna camwhore for the whole 15 minutes.
Heng: Yeah, with every angle from 0 to 180 degrees, vertically and horizontally.
Me: Bo Pian ah...Leng Chai is like that wan la...

Heng: I think you can fight with my gf.

To put me in justice, I'm not the only camwhore in the group.

And my personal favourite is during the monorail when this pic was taken.


A shitty and hectic beginning for the trip but it end up quite fun and worthwhile. May there will be more of these coming soon.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tribute to All Asian Poser And Camwhores

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I saw this video posted by SY in his facebook and I think the video is worth sharing among people especially camwhores and posers. I think this was specially made for fun and also it is a great production.

While waiting for the mockumentary video to load finish, these are the few screenshots from the video.

First of all, why the fuck would some very very chinese looking dude came with such a Mexican or Spanish sounding name Dr. Julio Gonzalez. This point had got me highly interested in the works of Wong Fu Production.

Presenting the Cute Girls Indicator(CGI) which is a team specially made to analyze new poses. I seriously think they add the nerd looking guy to make the other 4 girls much cuter. When Dr. Julio mentioned "Oh, we got cute guys too", I think he meant "Oh, we got gay-looking-weird-batang-homosapiens-to-make-the-girls-more-cute too."

The PPA-M GLFP (PPA-Medium Gay Like Fuck Pose)

See what I mean? The guy is just being placed as a joke in the video at times but thanks to him, the video seriously got me laughing my ass off while drooling over those cute girls. I seriously salute him for the bravery unless he really does pose like that then I'm speechless. For those who do not know what PPA-M means, watch the video and you will know. I encountered many posers and I think I'm one too occasionally, I should make a parody of this via pictures.

Wonder if anyone understand the joke behind this picture.

First off, introducing the LAI crew which stands for Lame Ass Indicator. From me clockwise would be Sean, Heng, Soon and Jasmine. Oh yeah, just like the video, we have a cute girl a.k.a the-cutie-which-makes-the-rest-of-the-assholes-looks-even-more-like-crap girl. You see, it's necessary to have an element like that in order to make the rest of us outstand.

PPA-CU SP (Slapped Pervert)

Considering the high molestation and rape cases in Malaysia, I think it is better for all the guys to get a picture with this pose taken. Why? The victim can easily recognized these people even if they got away and poster like these should be made.

PPA-CU MFS (Middle Finger Salute)
I truly do not understand how did the mockumentary could missed out the middle finger salute which could be one of the most used pose besides the V sign. This is my most used pose in camwhoring be it in group or solo. *Gentlemen..... SALUTE* Flashes middle finger and yelled F-U

PPA-M PE(Photoshop Enchanced)
Nowadays, a pose considered incomplete without editting with Adobe Photoshop either by adding a background, removing the pimples, removing black eyes, enchancing breast, ass or dick, etc. If the girl is cute, poses cutely, adding background to enhance it is good in order to lure perverted uncles to eventually play facebook.

PPA-M BGP (Ball Grabbing Pose)
From the 'V' sign, evolution had taken place and soon posing with props to send certain message. What do the above picture means? It means this is how I grab boobs with a do-you-like-it face. And the pose can mean, I can handle BIG coz I like it BIG.

PPA-W CM(Cocky Musician)
It doesn't matter whether you can play the guitar or not. Having a guitar and pose like a cocky bastard will tends to get attention either from the females or pissed off buggers that will kick you in the balls. This picture shows that even a lame ass guy can look quite ok as long as you are holding something make which makes you look smaller.

PPA-M SIITH(Stick It Into The Hole)
What proves to be more dramatic than the middle finger salute if not by having a corresponding gesture to it. A stick and a hole is an upgrade from the middle finger salute that can be done by 2 person. Doing it solo means you fuck yourself, or having too many sticks or hioles doesn't sound right. Ignore how gay the two of us looks because I could not find any female willing to pose like that with me. I hope this doesn't further disgust the girls.

PPA-W FPCJ (Fat People Can Jump)
What other better ways to pose than posing in a manner that no one will expect you to pose or even expect you to be able to do it?

PPA-M FPCF (Fat People Can Fly)
Soon: I believe I can fly~~I believe I can touch the sky~~I don't care or mind how gay I looks~~spread my arms and bombs away~~

PPA-M SF(Shitting Face)
Enough with all the cute poses and faces. The IN thing is making the faces you make while shitting in the toilet. The expression projects out more feelings and is a face that everyone will made while baking chocolate cake.

PPA-M ECWNSCF (Enhancing Cuteness With Not-So-Cute Face)
It's been a well known fact that in order to look good, you got to hang out with people who aren't. What makes you think that the good looking chicks will hang around with bad looking chicks. the world is plastic and people are killing the world by this trick. Humans are the best props available. Guys don't really pick the look of their mates because most of us are shits anyway and even bad looking bastards can got smoking hot sexy chicks. This phenomena can be observed a lot in Kuala Lumpur.

PPA-W SIL (Suck it, Losers)
1. Sean: The fuck face with crossed hands which is to tell losers that they can't touch him
2. Soon: Very bloody cocky face facing upwards to tell them that he is the best
3. Heng: A big Prop over the privates which means "My dick and balls are bigger than yours, so just beat it."
4. Me: Have you ladies seen anything this FINE before? Never mind the 3 losers beside me

PPA-M FOAAP(Face Of An Actual Pervert)
How to look and pose like a real pervert? Have a cute girl blindfolded to enhance your pervertisme while opening your eyes and mouth wide wide like a bloody maniac. *Somebody call 911, there's a sick bastard in UTM*

PPA-M FGPP (Fucking Geli Pondan Pose)
I could not think of a better picture to end this post and also to redeem all the bad deeds I've done. This is the one picture than can make the 3 of the guys to forgive me and prevent myself from getting run over by a Toyota Fortuner, a motorcycle, being kicked in the balls by a girl or actually being "fendomized" by Ah Hee's pupil. This pose was to show you that if you wanna show fucked up pose of others, get one of yourself out in order to prevent misfortune.

I never purposely took any pic for this post(including the last pic) because it would then be very unnatural and the fun is all gone. That's all from me this time,. Please click on my ads or leave a comemnt before leaving. I hope I do not get my virgin ass targetted by any unneccesary humans or being labelled as a sicko by girls. I'm the greatest guy there is so please do not let my market value drop.

P.S: If I eventually still get run over by a Toyota Fortuner, a red motorcycle with AEH on the number plate, kicked in the balls by a girl or fendomized the "Ah Hee's Style"...I hope any faithful readers to report this matter to the police and show them this post. The culprits are all here.

Have You Been High Today?

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Some of you might know that I once took Literature in English Language in Form 6 and for those who don't, now you know. I woke up this morning and the literature in me suddenly kicks in and inspire me to write a poem about my recent life. This happened before I even got time to brush my teeth or take a shit when all the ideas rushed into my brain. Here it goes.

Things seem so fine in the month of May,
I was naive and happy everyday,
Love seems so real and divine, Like a cup of wine,
As time goes by, Things could not be more fine,
Pearl of the Orient seems so divine,
Probably just because how fine we were.

Things start to seem wrong but I turn blind,
I was wrong and things were not so kind,
I finally understand that it's only my mind,
Who's been living in denial every time,
The betrayal I felt is not untimely,
It's just me being fooled unconsciously.

Things began to rot till the end of May,
The melancholy was always in the air,
To let it go, is what they say,
And I realized something as they say,
They don't understand me anyway,
Agreeing and keeping it within myself is the only way.

Time passes and the longing feeling went away,
I don't owe it to anyone because they don't care,
Friends that seems close to me are plenty,
But not to them and it's only all in me,
I ask myself each and everyday,
Have you been high today?

I have not been high enough to call it a day,
I finally understood Tom Keats during his days,
I take a vow and pray to get high everyday
And that I would not let anything gets in my way,
Life is not over when you are alone but when you are swayed off your way,
Have you been high today?

This post is specially dedicated to those who had recently suffered a break up like a few of my friends and me. My definition of getting high means be happy and excited at least once a day let it be watching-movie-high, alcohol-high, sexually-high, shitting-high or becoming a sohai. The poem might not be good or filled with bombastic words but it roughly described what I've been through since May.

Have I been high today? Have I been high lately? Hell yeah, and I'm doing it legally. AND not because of porn like some people might think. May be some people might not even read this boring shit but forgive me fo going sentimental once awhile. I do not always look into a weird and dumb perspective of certain things. Before I end this, let me share one more thing with you guys.

Does this cactus of mine look a a dickhead with a bigger head and slimmer bottom half??

P.S: Okay, I'm back to my crazy self.....

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Unwiped Ass Fetish????

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It makes me happy whenever people comes visit my blog to read my craps. Getting people to comment over my posts is more than happy, it makes me proud. Getting strangers to comment and read my blog....truly fantastic. One of my best friends Wai Ken often reminded me how posts with many words usually drives people away from my blog. I too agree to his statement but I do know that there will be a lot of people who is just like me who like to read long posts as well.

However, there is this particular thing that makes me dumbfounded and speechless. I do not know whether to laugh my ass off, scream in disgust or close down my blog indefinitely. I was looking through FEEDJIT tracks for people who visits my blog. Basically, I wanted to know what type of people usually come across my blog and I discover THIS....

Look carefully at the second line..

A clearer view

Why the fuck my blog will come out in search result for UNWIPED ASS FETISH?? Why would someone in the right mind to categorized my post under fetish porn site and of all fetish, UNWIPED ASS!!! This RM1 story seriously need some reviewing for I do not remember typing the word "UNWIPED", "ASS", and "FETISH" linked together....I am not surprised if people found my blog by searching for shits-cleaning-aunty-fetish but not unwiped ass. For those who might somehow be blurring, unwiped ass fetish meant that people who get turn on by looking at ass with shits on it.

These people lived in the world where toilet papers are taboo and smelly ass is the 'IN' thing.

Nice to know people that surfs porn eventually end up in my blog....I do not know whether to be happy or to knock my head to the wall..May be I should blog about shit-eating-fetish, should I?
There is such porn available over the internet AND DON'T ASK HOW I KNOW ABOUT IT? I DO NOT HAVE THAT FETISH......

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hello Singlehood...

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First of all, I declare that i do not really write about my personal life in my blog as I do not really thinks that readers would appreciate reading too emo things from me. As some of my friends would know, I had a really difficult time which I do not wish to elaborate further. As I just recently became single, I became more publicly "kap lui" and also I had noticed many things that I did not.

First and foremost, if you guys are a fan of The Butterfly's blog just like I am, I guess you people would know how he mentioned that good guys don't really score with girls. From what I had been through, I couldn't agree more to that as we as a normal human being, born to judge a book by its cover. This post will be on how crappy is the term "good people are often taken". It's just that you didn't bloody bother doesn't mean we are taken.

If you are a good guy in deep but you look like shit, the most possible outcome when you start to introduce yourself is the other person would not even remembers you. How about a good looking guy? I think all good looking guys will have problems starting a decent introduction as they do not have much practice doing so because girls will swim towards him to introduce themselves. I too know a few good looking guy friends of mine who had girls swarming for them and I do not need further proof of how Butterfly was right about it. As long as you looks good, everything's good. If you are good looking but at the same time stupid, just shut up and act cools and chill, the girls will rush over you like Loius Vuitton is having a sales.

If you tends to be a retard, shut up and act better than you thought

Girls, let me ask you. How often do you turn down guys who seems to have a good personality by telling them how good you two were and wish you two could be friends? Guys, if someone who looks really really fucked up confess to you then how many will stand up like a man and try to accept them? Guys would accept ANY girl that are as hot as Megan Fox even if she sleeps with every known stranger or kills your whole bloody family. Girls would definitely fall for good looking guys at much ease. Somehow, each and everyone of us felt that they deserve someone good looking. I recommend you piss in a cup and look at yourself if you do not have a mirror at home.

I'm not declaring I'm fucking good looking like I normally do with friends. They know me so they know what I mean when I said that. If you are not, then you are in the not so good friend. In fact, I had stated pretty how much I look like a bloody triad member.

I know some girls might be protesting this and said that's not all in order to impress. So to be fair, I list down the few points that would impress girls(besides looks) based on what I had read in FHM interviews on HOT HOT women and CLEO. (Yeah, I do bloody read CLEO at times so stop laughing your ass off). The following points might be good for impressing a girl but I am not responsible if my facts are entirely wrong. It's just means that you are too bloody stupid and desperate to believe what I wrote
1. Confident but not cocky
2. Humorous but not over crazy
3. Attentive towards them
4. Must be interested in them but not desperate
5. Able to say the right things at the right time
6. Don't talk too much without letting them to talk
7. Do not show off or brag
8. Do not go too fast or force them or stares at cleavage too long
9. Don't appear stupid
10. Stop with corny picky up lines but some girls still like them
11. Do not ever gawk at other girls but I think is an exception if Megan Fox is stripping nearby
12. MOST importantly, tell some jokes and NOT make a joke of yourself
So much points and this proves that girls are hard to pleased and never get satisfied. I hope my market value would not drop after this post. hahaha

But seriously, if a guy does all that but in the end looks like shit and short like hell, chicks won't even consider the possibility of dating them at first meeting. Guys are the same as well. We would get interested in the first meeting if girls met the following points
1. Good looking
2. Hot Body
3. Dress sexily and i mean SMOKING SEXY
4. Doesn't talk too much or too loud
5. Never reach beyond this point...SEE...we are just soooooo easy to understand

We are just normal humans so we just wanted what SEEMS nice so if you are ugly or short, the chances of being noticed during first meeting is slim. I might not been picked or chased girls enough to make any judgment but my observation and conversation with most people already made me realized this matter clear enough.

So I look at myself and wondered. I'm not tall which meant that girls are likely to ignore me for a date. Seriously, I knew some girls that are short but they want their bf to be at least 175cm above. This seriously kills my pride. I had read before that only less than 5% of the female population would not mind having a shorter boyfriend. If girls below 165cm(I'm 166) too only wanted their bf to be well over 175cm, I could imagine all the Hobbits stabbing each other to fight for a willing poor girl or majority of them turn gay.

However, last Saturday when I went to Sunway Pyramid, 8 out of 10 couples I saw are either the gf is at the same height or taller than their bf. Either this is a bloody early April Fool prank played on me or dating shorter guys is the new black. Had my time arrived since I've already broken up? Am I wrong about the perception that girls prefer taller guys? Had the girls finally realized the principle of the "L-Theory"? What do you think?

Tall maleShort Male

Go figure this "L-theory". Hint is height is relative to our *ehem*weapon*ehem*...


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