Friday, August 21, 2009

Idiots At Their Best Series Part 2

This is one of the funniest incident that I've heard in my whole life. My brother told me this story for quite some time ago and even before I started this blog. So, I do not know the actual conversation but only a rough wan. But what I'm about to write really happened and I'm not shitting anyone about this unless my brother conned me about the truth of this story. I do not know the people involved here but I hope you guess will enjoy this story as I do.

This 2 friends were in a trip to somewhere which required quite a long journey and I assume they were in some "kampung-like" place. As they were driving along, the following incident took place.

A: Dude, I wanna tell you something
B: What?
A: I feel like shitting..
B: What the fuck?? We just passed by the petrol station. Why don't you say earlier la...
A: Haiyo...That time no feel yet ma...Seriously, I want to shit already
B: We gonna reach our destination in 30 minutes time. Tahan la.. Now cannot see any place with toilet also..
A: Fuck..I cannot tahan liao...Stop roadside for me settle la...
B: Ok ok..I don't want shit smell in my car also..

B stopped his car by the road side while A get off and settle his business. 5 minutes later, A came calling to B while still covering himself.

A: Eh, you got tissue with you ah?
B: Huh? Don't have le. My car no tissue le.
A: What the fuck? How am I gonna wipe my ass?
B: Use leaf la. So many.
A: Fuck you. The leaf so small. Not big enough la. And I cannot find any dried leaves nearby.
B: Shit. how ah?

Pause momentarily...

B: Eh, you got RM 1 with you right now?

A: Got ah..Why? Here where got shop sell toilet paper wor?
B: Haiya...Not ask you go buy toilet paper la..
A: Huh? Then? wait....You mean.......What the fuck...Need or not? Money le....
B: If not? What to do? No tissue la. That's your only choice. Use already then wash. Can use back lo.....
A: Fuck la...Sure or not...I dunno about this...Using money le...
B: then? You wanna leave your ass unwipe ah? What other choice do you have? You got better choice then you say out la.
A: Arghhhh...Fuck it...Ok ok, I'll do it

Moments passed and A came limping back..

A: Eh, Dude...RM1 not enough le
B: RM 1 not enough then use another RM 1 or use RM 5 lo.....What so hard wor?

Apparently A had used this....

Instead of using RM 1 notes to wipe, he used 2 50 cents coin to scrap the shits off his ass hole and ass crack. Naturally, B laughed his ass off while screwing his friend for doing that. After the whole ordeal, they went to a restaurant. They cleaned the money up and uses them on the spot. I would not want to go where they had went...
Creative people finding a whole new meaning and usage of money.

P.S: The whole incident really took place and I did not made this up. The actual comversation might not be fully correct but it is 100% identical in terms of contents and meaning. I just retold the thing according to how I remembered my brother told me. hope you people enjoy this posts.


DJ IsaacZ said...

Whoever who spread germs on the 50 cents coins in such an abominable way... I hope his arse will burst with with the most aesthetically cultivated yellowish green pus from infection... Now I have to wash my hand with Dettol every time before eating burger I buy from the stall..

Eric Lee said...

wtf...yew weng dun kap siao la...hahaha


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