Friday, May 28, 2010

Gender? Differences? Screw It Part 1

Had been slacking off and getting lazier. I actually thought of blogging about this several days ago but I just didn't get my mood back for blogging. Anyway, I guess most of us notice that we tend to group certain characteristic based on gender. Am I right? Am I right to say that women always label men as idiots and men always regard women as noisy at some point in their relationship? Well, I do not that humans are that much different by having a different gender. Yes, it is obvious that there are certain things cannot be avoided due to hormones but not that much different actually.

So, in this blog post, I'm gonna list out several common opinions regardless of sex. Just for the fun of trying to screw the minds of male chauvinists and feminists.Excuse the language in this post as I did not write in such way for a long time. Those who can't tolerate foul language then please leave now.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

When Politics Went Wrong

I cannot help but notice how wrong is the whole by-election is in Sibu. It is filled with controversies and even racism if you ask me. First of all, the video of Najib making deals with people of Sibu. For those who are not aware of it, here is the video for your viewing pleasure.

The Classic Gesture Slip And Statement Controversies

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Customized Stuffs FTW

I always have a liking towards customized stuffs. For several very good reasons of course. First of all, I do not need to worry about being one of the many user of a particular item. If an item is used by many people, you definitely would not hold a special liking or pride in possessing that thing. What makes a Lamborghini or a Ferrari so desirable? Besides their awesome outlook, it is also the pride you have by owing one of them. People will basically worship you and if you are a guy, you definitely have no problem scoring with a hot chick and may be several hot chicks at the same time. What makes them so special? The rarity of course which is why they are so darn expensive too.

One of the customized stuff I brought from Taiwan

Monday, May 10, 2010

100th Blog Post

I didn't realized that I actually reached 100th blog post already. I didn't blog actively and reaching a 100th post seems like a very long journey for me. So may be it's time to look back at the several posts I did which grab a lot of attention. It might not be as popular as now but I guess I should celebrate this linking several post which I like. Excuse the narcissism for a moment.

Probably the very first "actual"

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Looking At Another Perspective

I guess the only thing that attracts people over to my blog is the way I see things. Not because how sometimes I made some dumb jokes online or how vulgar my language can be at times. Seriously, I sometimes think that my blog is slightly on the dull side and a few friends of mine said that my blog is boring, blogs should have more pictures instead of words and even good blogs shouldn't contain any much vulgar words. Except for "damn". At first it made me a bit down because not much people appreciate what I wrote. But then again, I do not want to be just "another" blog on the internet.

I honestly do feel glad that I didn't change. Many people come to recognize my blog for the contents I wrote. I do insert a few pictures grabbed from Google in order to reduce the boredom.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Quotes of Life

Sometimes, I sit around thinking of nothing in my room. Then I will reflect on life and try to relate each and every thing together. Call me lame and lifeless, but sometimes I find that so much more entertaining than hearing dumb people talk. Most of my friends might be aware of it because sometimes I just post them up on Facebook status. I might not remembered each and every single one of them but I decided to share it out here in my blog.

1. Success is not about conquering the Mount Everest, it is about blowing the whole fucking mountain away after you conquered it so no one else can beat you to the feat.


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