Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Quotes of Life

Sometimes, I sit around thinking of nothing in my room. Then I will reflect on life and try to relate each and every thing together. Call me lame and lifeless, but sometimes I find that so much more entertaining than hearing dumb people talk. Most of my friends might be aware of it because sometimes I just post them up on Facebook status. I might not remembered each and every single one of them but I decided to share it out here in my blog.

1. Success is not about conquering the Mount Everest, it is about blowing the whole fucking mountain away after you conquered it so no one else can beat you to the feat.
Seriously, when we achieve something in life, it just ends up as "something". Reflect upon this. When everyone right now is fighting for world peace, it wouldn't be much of a hype anymore. Why Mahatma Gandhi or Neil Armstrong is so famous? Doing something not much people had done before. So let me ask you right now, which Malaysian had climbed Mount Everest? To tell the truth, I forgot because he's not the only one who do so. So once you accomplished some outstanding feat in your life, make damn sure no one else can repeat it. Then only you will be regarded as a legend. That's why copyright and patent exists.

2. Arrogance is like masturbation. No matter how good you feels, it is still pathetic being alone and feeling good all by yourself.

Nothing wrong with self pleasure. However, which do you prefer? Intercourse with someone else or making love to your hand? Same with arrogance. Do you prefer being the only one who think you are the best or people to recognize you for your own ability? Being arrogant might boost your ego but it also lowers your ranking in social life. What so good being that way? Same with masturbation. We don't worship someone who masturbates 5 times a day unless he beds 5 women a day.

3. Condoms are like mothers. They protect you as good as possible while killing certain pleasure.
The title says it all. In fact, most people will find them annoying even if they know it's for the best. Ever wonder when you are in trouble, sometimes you wish for your parents to be there? Like condoms. When you get a call from your girlfriend saying "I'm pregnant", you would say "FUCK!! WHY DIDN'T I WEAR A CONDOM!!!!!"

4. Positive thinking is like this. When a bird shit in your eye, you don't cry. No, not thank God that Cows don't fly. Is kill that bloody bird as losing its existence won't make much of a difference to you but guaranteed satisfaction.

To me, what's the point of being unhappy and try to think it in a much positive way? I'm a realist and I do not think positive thinking should be practiced all the time. Think about it. It is just an excuse or an escape route from trouble. When you meet a problem, you confront it directly and annihilate it as soon as possible so it wouldn't bother you anymore. Do anyone wonder what if the same bird shit on your head continuously? You still thank God that Cows don't shit on you continuously? The answer is NO. Confront the bullshit in your life and solve it. Who needs more problems in their life? You? Not me. I prefer to go for some real satisfaction rather than consoling myself of the better outcomes. How about you?

5. Never underestimate the power of tears. No matter what you say, tears triumph over reasoning.
Title says it all. People might often bullshit and talks about people and especially girls who cry. Saying this and that. But in fact, it is often tears that land a man into trouble no matter who's at fault. In a related matter, when you try to talk your way to the top, it is often actions that help to push you. No matter how dirty they are, it is still better than talking all the way about the achievements you had.

That's all for now. A short entry for you guys to think about. I had more quotes but I forgot most of them as I did them quite often. SO if I thought of any, I might just update. By the way, I'M BACK IN SUBANG JAYA!!!!!!!! After 3 years of studying in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai, Johor, I'm finally graduating..WOOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!!! WATCH OUT WORLD!!!!!!!!!! Ok, I'm out of my hyper mode. Leave a comment if you had any quotes you live your days by.


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