Sunday, July 26, 2009

The truth behind Batman's coarse voice

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I wonder why do Bruce Wayne wanted to change his voice to a coarse tone every time he changes into the night crusader, Batman. Seriously, with his face covered like that, isn't it enough to fool people? Clark Kent merely take off his nerd glasses and comb his hair backwards......wah one recognizes him and even Louis Lane....She was even shocked to learn that Superman was indeed Clark Kent... Wooooo....BIG Surprise with a BRILLIANT Disguise!!!

Although changing his tone to much coarse sounding tone, people could have just analyze his tone and with little time, they could detect the voice belongs to wavelength...changing into a coarse tone won't change Michael Jackson to Clint Eastwood...
Soft sounding King Of Pop....May he rest in peace...Mr. Clint Eastwood with his coarse and tough guy sounding voice..

Besides that, with the wealth and technology that Bruce Wayne has...It wouldn't be too difficult to invent a voice changing machine...having the Batmobile invented, I do not think that would be much of a problem either...


What if the voice wasn't intended for it to be like that?

What if there was no intention or need to change the voice at all?

What if the voice changing wasn't part of the plan AT ALL??????




Seriously, after seeing this is in SUMMIT USJ today(I didn't know the Bat Cave was nearby!!!!)...I couldn't help but think how this may contribute to his voice...WITH THAT STICK UP YOUR ARSE, I bet there will be a lot of screaming that needs to be done....After all night of screaming, I guess it sure do will affect your throat somehow....I BET Alfred has a hand in helping it up there...The conversation should go like this....

Bruce: Alfred, could you give me a hand?
Alfred: Master Bruce, you want me to do "that" again???
Bruce: Yes, Alfred....ooohhhh how i crave for it....COME Alfred, Let's not wait shall we??
Alfred: Er...Whatever you need, Master Bruce...

The following Content will be Parental Advisory...Please do not proceed reading if you are a minor, a sensitive Batman fan who could not tolerate this kind of crap from me or someone who finds this post a waste of time.....Thank you

Alfred walks up to Bruce Wayne who already had his pants down and arse facing upwards. Alfred flung out THE BAT STICK!!!!! Then will all his might, he blessed Bruce Wayne's Arse with it.....And Bruce goes....


Alfred: Do you like that Master Bruce? Is the size and tempo right?


Oh well, they said shit happens during the most unlikely time.....Therefore, I conclude that Batman's throat was bloody SORE from all the screaming...Most of the time he must have rushed dressing up, which explains why he WEARS his underwear on the outside.....Since he love the sensation of getting his arse filled so much.....he dressed with that thing still very well up his hole.....Tsk Tsk Tsk Tsk.....

The view of Batman Coming Out from his dressing area with something still very well misplaced....Guess he will remove it after getting his cape on...Wonder what those kids will think playing around this place ESPECIALLY on that BAT STICK....

Friday, July 10, 2009

Fancy some Fancy Noodles?

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I remembered that I was just a kid back then(hairs at certain area still not completely grown finish), when my dad brought the whole family for a treat at this place. He promised us that this will be one of the finest and tastiest meals that we had ever eaten. Indeed, the noodles are so uncommon at first sight. I never spotted such noodles over here in Subang Jaya and no need to say, even in Skudai. The first thought that went through my mind when I first saw this place. "Where the fuck are we going? How the fuck hell will this place will have nice food?"

When I walked into the restaurant, I beginning to doubt my father even more. Only when the food were served, I knew I made a mistake. My father was right and the food taste so good, I still drools over it even after all these years. I really should try to remember the proverb that goes "Don't judge a DVD by its cover, it may contains the best porn ever".....

Enough of the crappy introduction, me and my brother head over to Old Klang Road in desperation to satisfy our craving after all the years. We managed to made circles around that area and still wonders why that place is so darn hard to find. Eventually we got misled by this dude on the phone who goes by the name YW....

YW: Go opposite Yan Yan that area, all the way straight you can see the post office(I've read that the restaurant is near a post office)...Then the restaurant is behind there..
Me & My Bro: Wooookayyyy....*eyes glittered up as we are near there*

(After 15 minutes of rounding)

Me: Where the fuck is the post office?
My Bro:Wait, I ask that guard.....Bang, Sini ada post office ka?
Guard: Itu peti surat sini ada...Post office besar tu tarak...Itu mau pergi OUG sana baru ada

Me and My bro got stunned seriously and drove off...However we saw some stalls by the roadside so we figure what the heck, and we just moved on to check out all the stalls...We were down and frustrated as we cannot locate the place BUT THEN.....I saw a sign pointing towards SRJK Choong Wen directly in front of our car and i remembered seeing a blog that says the shop was located near that school...I called my brother and we two went over to look around and WE FOUND IT!!!!! The shop already closed so we decided to just come back the following day...

We went there this time with Gavin. He apparently claimed my brother woke him up and force him to waste a pack of chicken rice..but...I dun think me and my brother cares...hahaha My Brother was telling gavin al sorts of cock stories in the car and here is some of it..

My Bro: I must eat this Shu Fun today no matter what...I think God is giving me a sign to go eat it. It is my destiny to eat this and I must fulfill it....
Me: I did told you that may be that place open till 3 only right?
My Bro: Yeah...If it closed then we come back tonight...I must eat it TODAY no matter destiny is waiting to be fulfilled

Cut short the crap....Ever wonder why we were so stupid to be unable to locate the place? Let me show you... Here's why....

Saw where the Wira is...that's my brother and Gavin standing in front of the ENTRANCE to the shop...What? What backdoor? Still wonders why we had a hard time finding it?
Remember this bloody gate...Turn into it as u go along Old Klang Road...It's located before the turning to Kuchai Lama
The interior of the shop...pure classic...swt.....
Ho Chiak logo and also many newspaper cuttings around the shop...I wasn't lying when I said the food kick ass.....
First we have this Fried Tapioca Noodles...Shu Fen Kan...I think that's how to translate it...hahaha Don't worry..those are not worms
Fried Pak Kor....It's actually white rice sticks...Looks like Fried Kuey Teow? Who needs Kuey Teow when we had Pak Kor? Tastier and seems more natural...
Oat plus pork ribs and then DEEP FRIED....My personal favourite

I seriously recommend those ppl in KL and had never tried before Fried Tapioca Noodles...Get your ass up and head over this place in Old Klang Road which opens from 11.30a.m. to 3p.m. and then 6p.m. to 9 something p.m. (That's what the worker there told me.....) First time doing a food blog....Leave me some comment and click my ads....>.<

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One of the Greatest Love

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Have it ever crossed your mind that LOVE do comes in all sorts of form and most of the time, in a surprising way? The thought crossed my mind every single day without fail which usually followed up by tonnes of unanswered questions. One of the greatest love of my life is also one of the greatest mystery of all time. I often wonder how the love emotion linked the both of us despite all the differences that we had. Her very appearance doesn't really appeal to me ESPECIALLY when she cries. My appearance is somehow also not her ideal which I too wonders why...

She's not the type of woman that I like and when i said this, I DO MEAN IT!! I could find tonnes of flaws within her and I could just simply named a few in record time. I hate her stubbornness most of the times especially when she thinks she's right even when she's clearly in the wrong. We had tonnes of arguments in the past and usually left unanswered and magically vanished in matters of time. I even remembered the cold wars we had which lasted for a month long or may be longer if I'm not mistaken. Her ego and my ego are just like Robbie Keane and Fernando Torres which means no matter how good we are, we could not blend well together. I could not forget how she mistreated me and how unfair she was towards me. Sometimes, we just hated each of our presence and wonders why do we still stick around. Sometimes, a simple word from her could make me frown all day and also days that we had nothing to say. How awkward our relationship is and also the rough times we had could simply outnumbered the amount of views in Susan Boyle's youtube videos.

How bad can our relationship goes? Most of the time we disagree with each other. When she poke her nose into my private affairs, I really hated her. When she tries to request something from me, I often thinks she's overboard with it but APPARENTLY she don't. Sometimes I hate talking to her as though I'm speaking Greek and she's speaking Spanish. Our differences varies and we hate what the other person likes. she always thinks she's correct and I always appear to be the wrong one EVEN if I argue with someone else instead. She never really shows me any support and I do not know how to support her.

She yelled at me countless time as I shut my mouth when in the end she magically claims that she never yelled. I always almost had a heart attack everytime she drives and she seems like to have heart attack even before I start my engine. I could not stand her voice but yet will not get bored of it. Each fight we had always end up me giving up trying to knock some sense into her. Each time I try to find a reason not to give up, she's always there to become that reason. I hate her and yet I love her. I always wonder what type of fate could bind us together and everytime I'm being pulled away from her, she will reels me back.

She had made many sacrifices which I did not knew of and the love that she had for me is greater than life itself. She did not realise how much I love her and most of the time, she seems to give up on telling me how she feels. This post is specially dedicated to you, My Greatest Love and I'm not sure if you will ever read it. I have difficulties in expressing my feelings for you which is actually a surprise with an outspoken nature I had. So, I'm gonna embarrassed myself in this post just for you by saying all mushy stuff and readers that doesn't like it, you can just close this page and before u do...PLEASE CLICK ON MY ADS XD !!!

I Love You, Mom and a very Happy Birthday(9th July) to You

Your sacrifices are clearly shown from your thin and frail body. Your countless headaches reflects your worries over this family. I will never forget how you always end up bringing things I forgot. I will never forget how you make cold jokes which resulted me being stunned speechless. I will never forget how you beat the crap out of me especially when I'm young and always end up running crying towards grandmother who protected me all the time. I will not forget and love how hard you tried to make ends meet by working and taking care of us at the same time without employing maid(that's why I don't like maids).

I will not forget how hopeless I was once and how upset you were about me. But I do hope you don't forget how I always find you when I had nightmares during young age. I will never forget how late you stay up beside me when I'm sick and how happy you were when I get good grades. However, I will also never forget how you whoop my candyass if the results are just slightly above average(she had too much expectation on me that slightly above average is never enough). I could go on and on and on but I think that's enough for now.

No matter how different both of our characters are, it is a fact that your are the Only mother for me. The days we fought are countless but the days we had are priceless. IF you think arguing with me is bad then look at the bright side, AT LEAST I'm talking to you..hahaha I talk when I cares, I shut up when I don't really give a fuck..(If you read this then you will know that your son is a serial curser) I'm sorry for the sins I'm done and thank you for the love you had shown to me. The only thing I wish to change about now is I would wish to change my attitude to be able to communicate with you more effectively. Apparently, I inherited your stubbornness and I could not do anything about it. I also inherited dad's inability to express love properly. At least this proves that I'm your son and will always be and proud to be. Thank you for all that you had done for me, I'll always pray for the family and once more...
Happy Birthday and I love you, Mom....


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