Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One of the Greatest Love

Have it ever crossed your mind that LOVE do comes in all sorts of form and most of the time, in a surprising way? The thought crossed my mind every single day without fail which usually followed up by tonnes of unanswered questions. One of the greatest love of my life is also one of the greatest mystery of all time. I often wonder how the love emotion linked the both of us despite all the differences that we had. Her very appearance doesn't really appeal to me ESPECIALLY when she cries. My appearance is somehow also not her ideal which I too wonders why...

She's not the type of woman that I like and when i said this, I DO MEAN IT!! I could find tonnes of flaws within her and I could just simply named a few in record time. I hate her stubbornness most of the times especially when she thinks she's right even when she's clearly in the wrong. We had tonnes of arguments in the past and usually left unanswered and magically vanished in matters of time. I even remembered the cold wars we had which lasted for a month long or may be longer if I'm not mistaken. Her ego and my ego are just like Robbie Keane and Fernando Torres which means no matter how good we are, we could not blend well together. I could not forget how she mistreated me and how unfair she was towards me. Sometimes, we just hated each of our presence and wonders why do we still stick around. Sometimes, a simple word from her could make me frown all day and also days that we had nothing to say. How awkward our relationship is and also the rough times we had could simply outnumbered the amount of views in Susan Boyle's youtube videos.

How bad can our relationship goes? Most of the time we disagree with each other. When she poke her nose into my private affairs, I really hated her. When she tries to request something from me, I often thinks she's overboard with it but APPARENTLY she don't. Sometimes I hate talking to her as though I'm speaking Greek and she's speaking Spanish. Our differences varies and we hate what the other person likes. she always thinks she's correct and I always appear to be the wrong one EVEN if I argue with someone else instead. She never really shows me any support and I do not know how to support her.

She yelled at me countless time as I shut my mouth when in the end she magically claims that she never yelled. I always almost had a heart attack everytime she drives and she seems like to have heart attack even before I start my engine. I could not stand her voice but yet will not get bored of it. Each fight we had always end up me giving up trying to knock some sense into her. Each time I try to find a reason not to give up, she's always there to become that reason. I hate her and yet I love her. I always wonder what type of fate could bind us together and everytime I'm being pulled away from her, she will reels me back.

She had made many sacrifices which I did not knew of and the love that she had for me is greater than life itself. She did not realise how much I love her and most of the time, she seems to give up on telling me how she feels. This post is specially dedicated to you, My Greatest Love and I'm not sure if you will ever read it. I have difficulties in expressing my feelings for you which is actually a surprise with an outspoken nature I had. So, I'm gonna embarrassed myself in this post just for you by saying all mushy stuff and readers that doesn't like it, you can just close this page and before u do...PLEASE CLICK ON MY ADS XD !!!

I Love You, Mom and a very Happy Birthday(9th July) to You

Your sacrifices are clearly shown from your thin and frail body. Your countless headaches reflects your worries over this family. I will never forget how you always end up bringing things I forgot. I will never forget how you make cold jokes which resulted me being stunned speechless. I will never forget how you beat the crap out of me especially when I'm young and always end up running crying towards grandmother who protected me all the time. I will not forget and love how hard you tried to make ends meet by working and taking care of us at the same time without employing maid(that's why I don't like maids).

I will not forget how hopeless I was once and how upset you were about me. But I do hope you don't forget how I always find you when I had nightmares during young age. I will never forget how late you stay up beside me when I'm sick and how happy you were when I get good grades. However, I will also never forget how you whoop my candyass if the results are just slightly above average(she had too much expectation on me that slightly above average is never enough). I could go on and on and on but I think that's enough for now.

No matter how different both of our characters are, it is a fact that your are the Only mother for me. The days we fought are countless but the days we had are priceless. IF you think arguing with me is bad then look at the bright side, AT LEAST I'm talking to you..hahaha I talk when I cares, I shut up when I don't really give a fuck..(If you read this then you will know that your son is a serial curser) I'm sorry for the sins I'm done and thank you for the love you had shown to me. The only thing I wish to change about now is I would wish to change my attitude to be able to communicate with you more effectively. Apparently, I inherited your stubbornness and I could not do anything about it. I also inherited dad's inability to express love properly. At least this proves that I'm your son and will always be and proud to be. Thank you for all that you had done for me, I'll always pray for the family and once more...
Happy Birthday and I love you, Mom....


xminzx said... touching. haha

hooichie said...

so touching aric...='(
your mummy really very love you le, i rmb i see ur mummy bring you to pudu,help you take stuff,wait you go up bus le only go bec home..your mum really very sayang u le...hehe...u should more obedient n sayang ur mum ya!!!


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