Friday, December 24, 2010

Secret Santa And Merry Christmas

How do you plan on celebrating your Christmas? Or like me, you had celebrated yours way earlier than 25th of December? Like some of you had known by reading this post by Merryn and this other post by Witch, we had a Secret Santa occasion going on and everyone had a blast. It is very worthy to blog and must i say, we definitely had a darn good time.


Blogging about how we had DOG FOOD and how good the food taste should be quite predictable by now. But I just blog out some things that they left out and as usual, some interesting facts I wanna point out from this gathering.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Labuan And Sabah

Sorry for abandoning my blog, I guess I can only blog during weekends since I’m having this job. Anyway, most of you knew that my family had a trip over to Kota Kinabalu last 8th of December 2010. I know most of you have some similar questions so I’m just gonna answer them here without you guys asking those questions.


1. No, I didn’t propose the trip to there for my family. My mom the one wanted to go.
2. No, my mom wanted to go there not because Caroline is there.
3. No, the guy on the other end of the photo is not my elder brother but my YOUNGER brother.

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Birthday Poem

I bet most of you people have read about my blog post for Caroline’s birthday right? And also most of you have read the Hidden Message behind this poem from Caroline’s blog post right? If you don’t, I reveal it here.


I seek a gift, Cruising along the ocean breeze,
Love was a myth, At least until I saw you, miss,
Off we go adrift. Reaching for what we both had missed,
Vow to not ever grief, Over the pact we both conceived,
Each moment may be brief, Love still grow fonder like a kiss,
Yearn and if, In this ride we through all rift
Our love will be received, Never broken never adrift,
Until conceive, Eternal bond that we wished.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Birthday My Dear Caroline

Warning first ah!! Another bulu roma raising experience!

It’s been 4 months plus and yet here we are. Things are a bit shaky but I still believe that there will be a better future for us together. I would like to wish my dear loved one Caroline Ng May Ling a very happy birthday. May your life will be filled with happiness and success and also me of course.



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