Monday, October 18, 2010

Guys!! We Need Help!!

I come across many stories regarding how a relationship goes. What surprises me is that how modern guys had transformed in such a way that to them a relationship is based on materials. To them, chivalry is not dead, it just magically transformed into money and materials. So let me put up some comparisons between 3 different type of generations. And see if you readers agree with me regarding this matter.

Jurassic Generation Where Your Great Great Great Great Grandparents Lived


Flirting Stage
Do not even exist – usually set up by parents or families or some by the rulers. True love rarely existed. Guys just sit down and let the parents do the dirty work.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Efficiency Is Very Subjective.

Hello all. I’m back. Finally I have some free time to blog. So I would just blog about efficiency in our country. As we can see, Malaysians can be very efficient to the extend that the leaders of our country praises us for being so efficient. We are so good with out time management, we even set our own “Malaysian Time” because others just couldn’t keep up with us. We are so far advance that we do not need fast internet connection or optic fibre connection  to get connected to the world. We only need an over-priced snail speed connection to do so. Why? Coz we are moving too fast and we need something to slow us down so we can keep up with the world.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

This Blog Is Momentarily On Hiatus

As the title, I won't be blogging for a time being. This is due to my workload from my job and I will be busy. Hopefully I will start blogging again in 2 weeks time. There are some topics I wanted to blog about..about the Sosilawati case, Some really funny ironic things in life and back to my usual statements about life..However, not now. Wait, not much people even read this blog...Oh well... Have a nice day guys!! =)


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