Saturday, May 15, 2010

Customized Stuffs FTW

I always have a liking towards customized stuffs. For several very good reasons of course. First of all, I do not need to worry about being one of the many user of a particular item. If an item is used by many people, you definitely would not hold a special liking or pride in possessing that thing. What makes a Lamborghini or a Ferrari so desirable? Besides their awesome outlook, it is also the pride you have by owing one of them. People will basically worship you and if you are a guy, you definitely have no problem scoring with a hot chick and may be several hot chicks at the same time. What makes them so special? The rarity of course which is why they are so darn expensive too.

One of the customized stuff I brought from Taiwan

Another reason is getting gift would be much more meaningful. When I went over to Taiwan, the gifts I got back from my friends are specially designed by a Taiwan designer. Of course those gifts are much better than those normal gifts such as key chains because honestly, who needs a key chain of a country they never visit before AND can be manufactured here locally. Not me. If my friends get me a key chain as souvenir, I would definitely throw it into my drawer and kept it for God knows how long.

Hence, here I would like to recommend a website CafePress for all my readers. Seriously, they have many cool customized stuffs there especially customized T-shirts, customized stickers, customized drinkware and many more. A perfect place for you guys to do some online shopping for your Father's Day present since Mother's Day had already passed. Here are some of the products I found very interesting.
Since it's World Cup soon, this would be nice

For lesbian lovers like ME and Kelvin LMAO

This is darn funny XD
This is a reality check for lesbian lovers like ME and KELVIN. FML

So just drop by the website and do some shopping if you like. No harm visiting right? Frankly, I'm tempted to buy some of the things there but not the ones I show above of course. So that's all for now. What do you guys think?


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