Saturday, September 12, 2009

Have You Been High Today?

Some of you might know that I once took Literature in English Language in Form 6 and for those who don't, now you know. I woke up this morning and the literature in me suddenly kicks in and inspire me to write a poem about my recent life. This happened before I even got time to brush my teeth or take a shit when all the ideas rushed into my brain. Here it goes.

Things seem so fine in the month of May,
I was naive and happy everyday,
Love seems so real and divine, Like a cup of wine,
As time goes by, Things could not be more fine,
Pearl of the Orient seems so divine,
Probably just because how fine we were.

Things start to seem wrong but I turn blind,
I was wrong and things were not so kind,
I finally understand that it's only my mind,
Who's been living in denial every time,
The betrayal I felt is not untimely,
It's just me being fooled unconsciously.

Things began to rot till the end of May,
The melancholy was always in the air,
To let it go, is what they say,
And I realized something as they say,
They don't understand me anyway,
Agreeing and keeping it within myself is the only way.

Time passes and the longing feeling went away,
I don't owe it to anyone because they don't care,
Friends that seems close to me are plenty,
But not to them and it's only all in me,
I ask myself each and everyday,
Have you been high today?

I have not been high enough to call it a day,
I finally understood Tom Keats during his days,
I take a vow and pray to get high everyday
And that I would not let anything gets in my way,
Life is not over when you are alone but when you are swayed off your way,
Have you been high today?

This post is specially dedicated to those who had recently suffered a break up like a few of my friends and me. My definition of getting high means be happy and excited at least once a day let it be watching-movie-high, alcohol-high, sexually-high, shitting-high or becoming a sohai. The poem might not be good or filled with bombastic words but it roughly described what I've been through since May.

Have I been high today? Have I been high lately? Hell yeah, and I'm doing it legally. AND not because of porn like some people might think. May be some people might not even read this boring shit but forgive me fo going sentimental once awhile. I do not always look into a weird and dumb perspective of certain things. Before I end this, let me share one more thing with you guys.

Does this cactus of mine look a a dickhead with a bigger head and slimmer bottom half??

P.S: Okay, I'm back to my crazy self.....

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