Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lightning Death And Lightning Rumours

I bet most of you guys read in The Star newspaper yesterday regarding a college student was struck by lightning and hence died. For those who don't, here's the article. He's actually a close friend of my brother and was once an acquittance of mine but there was this argument. Anyway, here's my condolence to his family although I just barely know him. His death made me realized 3 important things in life.

1. Newspaper made mistakes and rarely corrects them.
As you read in the article, there are several things that either being purposely left out and incorrect or the writer didn't know shit on what he or she is writing. First of all, they did not even bother to correct his wrongly written name which is Han Yin and not Han Yim. Shouldn't they get their facts right at first? Secondly and worse of all, the ever impotent services. For detailed stories, please read THIS.
As you read, some might argue that their incompetence might due to the worst traffic condition in Subang Jaya which usually occurs around 6pm. I thought of that at first and probably thinking the paramedics didn't deserve this bombardment only to realized I WAS driving along that road in particular coming back from PC Fair which is a Sunday. The traffic is smooth flowing because none had to work on that day. So it's not really an excuse to be late as the trip from SJMC to USJ 6 probably only takes 15 minutes or so.

2. Death is by chance and luck

The chances of getting struck to death by lightning is approximately 1/10000. The chances of lightning striking not the tallest object(tree) but the shorter object, probably even less. The chances of getting struck by lightning RIGHT BEFORE entering the car to be safe, probably far even lesser. Times all those probability and there you have it, the probability of Han Yin getting struck by lightning and died. Tough luck. And hence, many deaths are determined by chances and luck rather than fate. We had heard people coming out from a car crash unhurt just like how the car freak accident. Life is some sort of a gamble it seems.

3. Lightning rumors

After some serious business, time for some enlightening jokes on the human nature. Apparently during this lightning incident happens, not much people around are able to witness and tell the whole incident. Somehow, the rumors starts spreading until it reaches a remarkable stage and sad to say, I could hardly contain my laughter.

Rumor no.1
All four of the boys were struck by lightning and all of them fainted, 3 of them collapsed and fell on Han Yin which partly contributes to his death.
Fact no.1
Only 1 guy fainted while the other two were shocked. Han Yin is the unfortunate one.

Rumour no.2
My brother is one of the victim and already half dead in the hospital. It progress till the stage where everyone starts calling him and asking him is he ok. Not only that, his college mates even planned a trip to visit him the next day together with 2 LECTURERS. He got calls from various people even including several secondary school juniors who he did not even remember a single shit about knowing them. Many speculate that he is half dead and could only lie on hospital bed.
Fact no. 2
My brother was with other people in USJ 9 eating spicy pan mee during that incident. When people ask me to inquire about my hospitalized brother, he was yam cha-ing with friends in USJ 2.

How the rumor no. 2 started I had no idea. Although he and Han Yin are very close but it just doesn't make sense to assume that my brother is in hospital half dead. My brother conclude that this is the reason why the whole rumor started. A phone call from his college mate.

Fren: Eh, Han Yin's case true ah?
Bro: Yeah, it's true.
Fren: Where are you now?
Bro: In the hospital. Why?
Fren: Oh. Are you ok?
Bro: Yeah, I'm ok. (confused)
Fren: Oh. Ok. You take care k? Bye. *puts down the phone*

My brother was at the hospital to check out Han Yin's condition and he was concerned over his friend. Thinking that this friend of his called him to console him regarding the matter of losing a friend. He did not really think much about it only after his other college friends call him and ask about his condition. And how fast the rumors spread? Practically 3 hours after that incident. Lightning speed huh?

That's all from me for now. Hope you guys like my new template and also my innocent looking Devil Sperm. It's what I see myself as at the beginning stage of my birth. LOL. Signing Off!!!


conan_cat said...

aww, my condolences to your friend!

and for the rumours, like wth, sometimes it really makes you wonder where does all those bizarre ideas come from, lol. your brother must be quite a victim of badly-informed news!

struck by lightning, ouch! :(

Eric Lee said...

yeah..he's a bit of an unlucky one...

i still wonder how creative the idea might get if it hasn't stop...LOL

someone said...

dude..u knw dat in has 200 lightning days per year..highest in u better take care...whereas PJ 150 sumthing..

Eric Lee said...

well...i obviously didn't know that...thanks for the's better or u not to be left anonymous

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!


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