Sunday, October 11, 2009

Occupation Theme Songs

Well, I seriously think that every occupation needed a theme song. You know, to add up the spice to everyday life. Things would definitely get interesting. Schools have their own anthem to start off their day, dramas and movies have their own theme song and also not to forget every countries' national anthem. So think I should come out with several theme songs for these few jobs.

1. Waiter/Waitress

The Moffats-I'll be there for you
I'll be there for you~When you need somebody~I'll be there for you~You call me I'll be there

Customer: Ane!!! Mau Order!!
Waiter: OK Boss....Coming~

2. Taxi Driver

N'Sync-You Drive Me Crazy
You Drive Me Crazy~Why are you messing with my mind~you drive me crazy~why are you telling all these lies

Uncle: Eh, Want taxi? Here got.
Heng:Uncle, here Pudu go Pearl Point how much ah?
Uncle: RM25
Heng: expensive....I usually sit around 10 with taxi meter k?
Uncle: Where got such thing? Impossible la..
Heng: Neva mind la....Thanks anyway...I wanna go take taxi that has a meter
Uncle: Now where got people use taxi with meter wan...If want taxi with meter then you must bring your own meter....You got? Don't have then no meter lo..
Heng: .......(further walks down a few streets with me and found a taxi with meter that charge RM12)

3. Traffic Police

A1-One More Try
Please give me one more try for the sake of our love~Please give me one more chance..

Traffic Police: Apa satu chance lagi? Bagi you semua one more chance dan saya no chance makan tau? NAH ambik saman RM300 ni....Mau mintak chance pulak....

4. Magnum 4D/Toto Agent

Ghostbuster Theme Song
When there's something strange~In your neighbourhood~Who you gonna call?

Aunty: Harlo....Ah Kau ah? Just now I see one cat go rape one dog hor....I already go check and "kaw kaw" the Choi San Yeh ah for the number me buy this number ah...XXXX...RM 10 big RM 10 small....XXXX you know? Don't buy wrong ah? If not I no kena then my turn rape you.
Ah Kau: Aunty, pressure le.....

5. Government Servant
Wu Yan Bing-Waiting for you
I'm waiting for~Waiting for you~Waiting for you to get my jobs done

*picture could not be displayed due to not making any judgement on any department*

G.S: You tunggu sekejab....
A: Er...Mau berapa lama?
G.S: Mau sampai dah....beberapa orang lagi saja

(After 30 minutes)


(After 1 hour)

A:ZZZZZZZZZZZ*huh? my turn liao?

(After 5 minutes)

G.S: Nah....sekarang u tunggu satu minggu untuk surat

(After 1 week)

A: Eh...Sudah ok ah?
G.S: Belum la....Sorry yah...Mau beberapa hari lagi..
A: &*!^#$*^!@#&*$(@$*()!

Fortunately, this matter is getting better....hopefullly this won't happen anymore

Well, that's some random craps from me. Hope you guys enjoy it. Please leave a comment if you guys have anything in mind regarding this matter. Till then, signing off.


Kennee said...

Here's a crapz for u... LOL! Nice reenactment though...
Btw, nanged ya and clicked ya ads...

Eric Lee said...

lol...thanks...appreciate it haha

Tony Wan said...

LOL.... Nice post! I am not familiar with some of the songs and I tried to find them in youtube. WTF really good post!

Eric Lee said...

lol...thanks dude...i'm not familiar with many songs either...just that suddenly had something flashes in...i bet there are many songs out there more suitable...

Samantha Janey said...

Hilarious! xDDD
Wow Eric, you do have the sharpen senses to match all those songs with conversations and contents~ *thumbs up*

Eric Lee said...

thanks girl...i thought i will get more people saying how boring this post is....haha

~dolly~ said...

hahaha.. nice one..
how about for those sitting in the office facing computer screen all the time and curi curi online wtf while boss not around?

~Elaine Tam~ said...

The entertaining ler...Likes it very much!!

Micheal Jackson - Beat anything to crap with it? heheheh!

Eric Lee said...

ahhh....that's an easy one..
Linkin Park-Lying From You

When I pretend, everything is what I want it be~I looked exactly like what you always wanted to see

Boss: My staff Dolly trustworthy and hardworking you know? Never goes for coffee breaks and just sitting there typing away doing her work just like my dream staff..I think I should nominate her to be employee of the month instead of that indian clerk
Dolly: *facebook*blog*msn*backstab* Boss ah? Yeah yeah I'm working on it and in fact I am testing out several solution for it so I can propose you the best ones...may be take longer time k?...*fb*fb*fb*

Hope you like this and it brightens up your day haha

Eric Lee said...

Michael Jackson-Beat it
got a lot can crap but i think i will go with this one.

They told him don't you ever come around here
Don't wanna see your face, you better disappear
The fire's in their eyes and their words are really clear
So beat it, just beat it

Foreign workers selling fake goodies such as watch, torchlight etc etc

A: Miss, Want buy anything?
Elaine: *stops from devouring chicken rice*Er..No thanks
A: come stuff..veli good
E:I said NO
A: How about this?
E: you dunno English? NO

(5 minutes later)
A: Miss, interested?
E: You again ah? I said NO
A: Buy something please, I no business today
E: Grr....okok I take that keychain
(hands over money)
A; Thanks
E: Eh, Why the chain is not even attached? EH? OI WHERE HE GOES???

based on a true story haha

~dolly~ said...


fb, blog, msn is so true...
but dont do backstab one okayyy...

Eric Lee said...

haha backstab just put for fun la....facebook, msn n common...even i did that last time during my intern haha

Anonymous said...

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SandyGan said...

haha, u creative oso hor

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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