Thursday, October 22, 2009

Guy? Girl? Judgement

After being in hiatus for more than a week due to thesis rushing and assignments battling, I kinda miss blogging and I decide to blog what I had been wondering for a long time. This question is this.

Why do girls often gasps at the sight of transsexual and said "OMG...He's prettier than me!! I'm so gonna hide in shame or better...kill myself..." while we guys do not seem to have a problem seeing a girl with more body hairs or muscular?

Of course, girls react with that with simple amazement and adoration for these beautiful men while some just drowned in jealousy. But we guys do not seem to share the same excitement. Seeing a manly looking girl, most of us just shrugged it away and say....So?? We do not really mind that but admit it, we somehow share the same excitement seeing a beautiful transsexual. I do agree that there are a lot of transsexual who are much more sexy and beautiful compare to normal girls. Fellow readers, I'm proud to present to you Treechada Petcharat or better known as Nong Poy.

Yes people... SHE is a former HE. A winner of Miss Tiffany 2004 which is a beauty pageant held specially for "girls" like Nong Poy. SHe's not the only pretty transsexual in the world but so far she's the best.

Look at the silky smooth skin and seductive figure

Ever guess that she's a guy?

There are million of people like Nong Poy which mostly are envied by the girls. They have silky smooth skin, superb body, outstanding facial feature and many more. However, many should consider this, they did everything just to look like a girl and they are the one should be jealous of girls and not girls jealous over them. They suffer a lot especially emotionally and mentally in becoming what they are now. I think they deserve the attention and jealousy they got from the female community. I would seiously date Nong Poy if given a chance. Would you?

However, why guys are not jealous of these girls?

Er...I think someone should introduce her the legendary product called SHAVER

I seriously thought she is either a crossdresser or a transsexual but I was wrong

How about that? Does that makes us guys jealous? Would I date them? HELL NO...Ok, Im not being fair to them so I'm gonna pick a celebrity icon to make you people further understand my point. Presenting Madonna

Yeap, she IS MADONNA

The used to be every guys' wet dream and MILF is now buffed up from the excessive gym and yoga exercise. She is more muscular and have much better muscle toning compare to most guys including mine. Although I wish to have a good body but do I get jealous over that?The answer is no. Judging from the size of her muscles, I think she could beat me flat in arm wrestling with me using 2 hands and her using her weaker hand. I hate to be clotheslined by THAT ARM...How about you guys?

Well, I'm not gonna say all girls that looks like guy or acts like guy are fugly. In fact, I found most tomboys are quite cool, cute and fun to be with. In fact, I found most tomboys are quite attractive. They are much more wild and fun to be with as time will not be bored. Take for example, Ella from the popular taiwan girl band, SHE.

Cute right? I will seriously date her too if given a chance. As a matter of fact, most tomboys or including lesbians who acts like a guy, they have their own attraction towards guys that they are not aware of. Some might even consider their attitude as an obstacle in getting in a relationship with guys which explains why some of them turn bi. Some can be quite sexy and cute but too bad they thought guys only like girls with long hair, gentle and shy.

Judging from what I wrote, I guess some might realise why I wonder about that question. Why do girls envy transsexuals? What's wrong with them looking more beautiful after they work hard for it? Especially tomboys, some of them felt even more inferior looking at these ladyboys and hence, overlooking the fact that they can be as attractive as well in another way.

Why guys don't feel that way? I somehow come to this conclusion that every guys out there subconsiously have this thought. "So what if they look more manly than me? I have a freaking functional and all natural 'bird'...Come and BEAT that". Well, I guess we do hold a great pride in our penises compare to other body parts. be fairto the girls, not every guys can pull it off like Nong Poy....Take for example ME...

I guess I fail miserably looking like a woman and not to say I wanted to look better than girls...So rest assured girls, the world ain't crowded with guys that can look better than girls...Nothing to fuss about beautiful men...That's all from me, my next post is gonna be a long but interesting post for the girls...Stay tuned..


Of Tr@vels, 3nvironment and bl@bl@bl@ said...

hahahaha..funny post you got there..but that Trans there in the mag..wahlau..really undetectable

Eric Lee said...

yeah...really got stunned by her beauty too...haha

Shuwen said...

omgosh, that Nong Poy looks NOTHING like a guy and eeeeewww, what happened to Madonna ? eeps

Nang this! :)

~dolly~ said...

HAHAHAH... yaloh.. but i wont go and like omg.. he is so pretty, i'd better kill myself or whatsoever..
i would like.. ishkk.. man so pretty for what.. rampas my market only..

~dolly~ said...

wah.. and that girl seriously needs a shavor..

Eric Lee said...

shuwen: I think Madonna wanted to quit singing and enter wrestling dee haha btw..already nang u lol

dolly: oi...sudah berpunya still want care about market ah...hahaha may be that girl dun need shaver la...lawn mower suits her more...LOL I'm so going to hell for this hahaa

S.A.S.H.I said...

You certainly saved the best for the last...:) Quite a refreshing piece..

Eric Lee said...

hahaha the last pic isn't meant to be the main focus here dude...

SandyGan said...

oh god, i was shocked to see d laz pic

Anonymous said...



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