Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Idiots At Their Best Series Part 3

Ok...Just in case any of you guys missed the initial Part 1 and Part 2, and hence had nothing else better to do and wanted to read about it...Below are the links for you

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This post will question you people what is the lamest or funniest pick up attempts anyone witnessed? I know more guys will end up commenting on this topic like most I've seen. Some of them wanted to impress girls by proclaiming how lame those attempts were and some wanted to prove to girls that not all guys are retards. I've seen one attempt by a guy who tried to pick up my friend.

I left the 3 poor girls alone while I talk to mine at the time on the phone. And that guy eventually go up to them and try to get to know them a little. When I got back, that guy was standing over my seat while trying his best not to choke on himself by speaking in mandarin. Unfortunately for him, all the 3 friends of mine were bananas like me and they know nuts about mandarin. the best ever line that one of them come out with is "We don't know mandarin".

As soon as i got back my seat, that guy apparently tried to speak in english but end up failing badly but he is still persistent. And this 3 girls are giving me a stare with indicates "Why the fuck are you keeping quiet? Say something and make him go away." but I was being a jackass totally enjoying how the whole event turns out. Finally, I lied to him that we are from Singapore and we won't be staying here for long. Before he left he shoke my friends' hand by introducing each other but when he went over to mine, I struck the sword through his heart by saying this.

"Haiya, guys no need wan la. Girls enough la. You also not interested"

You should look how he blushed and try to explain himself. Ok, I am a jackass at times. But you got to give him effort for trying. I thought that was actually quite admirable of him except being screwed by me at the end. But the main point of this post is not this, sorry if I made you read so long for nuts. Like I said, I'm a jackass.

There is this guy who is in the same university as me really open up a new chapter in impressing the ladies. We had this co-curriculum activity called "trekking" which involves the students who signed up to go for some dumb camping trip. The people that told me this (I don't label them as friends because not really close) said that this guy had a unique way of trying to impress the ladies which is......

Talking to a goat...

Of coz, he can't speak goat unless the goat had a supernatural ability to speak English and respond to this..

"Yo, yo brother wassup. Long time no see bla bla bla" (he really did say that)

Ok, unless he's really related to goats or THAT goat in particular, I can't see which part of this attempt will land you girls. Besides landing you the label of "retard", I don't think anyone will be impressed by that. The group of people behind him just trying very hard not to laugh and the girls reportedly trying very hard not to laugh as well. Not laughing him for being cute or charming but laughing him for his stupidity.

Did he get to know any girls from that attempt? If he had, then he would not have appear in this post. I do not have the picking up girls skills to laugh at him but that definitely isn't even near brilliant. So much for being creative.

That's all from me this time. Do leave a comment on what you regard the latest attempt you saw or experienced or done. Wait...I shouldn't request that since more guys will commentinstead of girls...LOL


kenwooi said...

attempt FAIL!!! lol =P

Eric Lee said...


conan_cat said...

lol! uber fail! xD well can't blame them for trying so hard, i guess sometimes they should be admired for their effort and persistence lol.

even though i think they should get girls some other better ways. :x

Eric Lee said...

I agree...He should get some praises for creativity too...If he talks to a tiger or any animal equivalent to that, then THAT'S IMPRESSIVE....too bad he can only find goat..LOL

DJ Isaac Z said...

You should try holding your PSM and tell the school girls:

Sit on my lap. It's very ergonomic.

Eric Lee said...

wtf..then why dun u hold ur psm and ask the you like my thinking? LOL (it's regarding his psm title)

Anonymous said...

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