Sunday, October 25, 2009

What Are Guys Thinking? Part 1

I've been bombarded with this question a lot of times before by my female friends. Some say that I really enlightened their mind towards this issue and on most issues, I am dead right on the dot. I'm no love expert but it's just easy for me to read people's mind just by depicting what they were doing or saying even though they try to mask it. What I'm about to tell is not 100% accurate but I can guarantee you that it's more bloody accurate than females trying to preach how to understand guys.

Guys are actually quite easy to understand but since girls tend to complicate many issues and they end up with some conclusion that did not reflect guys at all. How often does it occurs that a guy trying to comment on the clothes his girl are wearing innocently but end up getting in deep shit and endless accusations that he thinks she is fugly. There are several things that we guys do, that we would like the girls to know. below are the following aspects we needed you girls to nailed it on your brains. One of it is this....

What other guys did or whatever crimes they commit doesn't reflect us.

The last thing that we need is false accusation on something that doesn't bloody reflect us at all. If you saw rapists on news, how often that you girls tend frown in disgust and say "All guys are like that". Or when your best friend's guy been cheating on them or being whistled by a group of guys who had nothing better to do. Then, you girls treat us coldly for a certain amount of time because you thought we were ambassador for the guys community. If every guy is like that, the world will only have rapists and bitches. This typical event just concludes how you girls thought what we guys are thinking. And then you claim you don't understand us.

Let me tell you this, what we guys thinking are actually quite simple. Unlike girls who like to give very vague hints, we tend to give strong hints. So don't go into all different conclusions that it's impossible that we are that simple-minded. The reason we did this is we do not want you girls to spend eternity trying to figure out what the opposite sex wants because honestly, we know how that feels. If we say you are pretty, we meant you are pretty and we want you. If we say you look fat in that shirt, we meant you look fat in that particular shirt but we are not saying you are fat or look fat in other shirt. So don't go all nuts accusing us that we think you are fat. If we seriously mind we would have either break up with you or do things to make you break up with us. I wanna go in details about this but I do not want this long post to end up too long so.

Another thing is why all guys seem like perverts and talk openly about the topic sex. Of course at this point, some guys will deny about this which conclude to either they are very very close minded or hypocrites. We talk about this openly cause it's much more interesting than talking about the weather. We talk about it but doesn't mean we think about it all the time and we don't have any possibility of raping people if we talk like that. Honestly, have anyone of you people ever heard rapists openly declare their sexual starvation or spreading news that they wanna have sex? It's mostly the quiet ones that you girls need to be aware of rather the open minded bunch. So don't go think that we are all sexual predators because we are not. Even many girls discuss about this openly but why do we do not label them as sexual predators or whores? Because we guys know the difference between open minded girls and whores.

There are a lot of things guys said which contain very direct message if you girls able to understand it. I take for an example a good female friend of mine ask who is in a flirting stage of relationship. This guy said to her "Don't concentrate on me too much". Let me break it down on how to decipher our message.

Don't concentrate on me too much.

The whole message actually meant that "please don't be desperate" as we guys do not like girls checking up on us for a long period of time unless we ask or do not mind you to. Why we do not say don't be too desperate to you? We are afraid the very emotional mind of yours might deduce not to find us anymore. We want you girls to find us regularly but we do not want it to be over the limits until it affect our freedom. We are afraid of losing you girls but yet do not want you girls to cling on us too much. Ironically, this is one of the initial step to show you girls that we are interested in you and testing how the relationship will be if we are with you.

Well, girls usually have either the option of "don't concentrate on me at all" or "concentrate on me only" but we guys only have "don't concentrate on me too much". This is because if we are not interested in you girls, we do not even bother with you and will only kept ignoring you. Unless if you girls go over the limit, we will blew out cool and ask you girls not to disturb us anymore. This is the least popular action we choose actually. The other popular option I shall reveal if there is any demand to it.

Most guys will usually tell you what they wants while girls find it romantic to messed up our circuits by dropping very very faint hints. And we end up wondering why do not get what you girls want. What do guys usually think? Pretty nothing much detailed or complicated. We probably hid more faults than thoughts from you. Unless those thoughts will lead us to a devastating death from you, we will definitely seal our lips upon this matter.

There are a lot I wanted to talk about but I want to see what sort of reaction I would get from this first. Feel free to drop comments and questions and I would like to know should I further continue with more posts regarding this matter. I hope there won't be any guys trying to bombard me with shits that I'm selling us out to the girls. Well, I'm not. I'm just trying to make your life better with your girl could understand you better.


reanaclaire said...

hi .. passing by this evening... and see what's the latest... u seem to understand the facts of the genders very well.. great analogy..

Eric Lee said...

there's a lot more i can tell if there is a demand for it...LOL...thanks a lot for the compliment

xminzx said...

haha i want to read more. it's like hanging there la. lol

Eric Lee said...

haha...if i write too much...ppl wun read i wanna know if there is anyone that are interested in it

kenwooi said...

wah very long post.. lol..
yeah guys are simple.. girls are quite complicated.. =P

Eric Lee said...

trust can be longer....hahaha

~dolly~ said...

wah.. like a bit extreme also leh..
coz NOT all girls are like tat.. u seem to clasiffy ALL girls also leh!!

"Even many girls discuss about this openly but why do we do not label them as sexual predators or whores?"
who said.. some guys do leh.. but they allowed themselves to talk because they are GUY loh!!

and yoh... "Don't concentrate on me too much" --> this is so mean leh... hahaha.. although guy intential wasn't meant that, but still hurtful to receive anything like that loh, change another phrase la.. like hmmm... think yourself la.. hahaha..

Eric Lee said...

ok fine...i admit my mistake in saying all girls are like that but i eventually meant most girls are like that...haha i personally don't think all guys or girls are good...

that's why i say these guys are mostly either close minded or hypocrites...we don't think girls who talk like that are whores but some think them as bitchy(not me la of coz)..there's a difference in being bitchy and whore..whores are the ones that sleeps around not talks around..hahaha

you see...that's why i say most girls like to complicate things by claiming that is hurtful when we try all our best not to make u girls upset...haha

Tony Wan said...

Wanna know the answer? Watch "The ungly truth" :D

Tony Wan said...

The Ugly Truth =.=

Eric Lee said...

haha didn't watch that movie but sometimes movies tend to mislead LOL

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