Monday, February 1, 2010

What Turn Guys On?

The biggest misconception of women towards guys is that we are 24/7 horny. Although that is not quite far from the truth, but it is not the truth. Is true that we always ogle at any sexy woman consciously or unconsciously. But we are not exactly turn on. We might get excited, yes. Turn on? No. This has to be the biggest misconception that women had about us guys.

It's been long since I wrote something this saucy I guess. So, in order to freshen your mind, watch this spoof video on how to please a man.

The main point of this video? Whatever you do, touch him on the penis. Is true that we get very turned on by that but it is not really that simple. I do agree that giving us long massages or talking too much before sex would be a total erection murder. However, saying something random and touch him on the penis? Honestly we won't get turned on that easily. Simply shocked and even to some point weird. We won't think any dumb things like that are a form of roleplay. As a matter of fact, it is just plain laughable that it is very clear you do not know what you are doing.

Guys are simple minded but not dumb. We don't react like that. We do prefer to keep everything short and simple but not stupid and simple. We like straight forward and direct approach not misleading or multi-directional approach. If you say something like how much you like the Twilight movie and suddenly touch us, we might assume Twilight turn you on and not us. Now that's a jab towards our ego. Or you said that your mom won the lottery and suddenly touch our penis, we might not even sure what had you been drinking.

So How Exactly It Works?

When we said that we want it to be simple and direct, we freaking mean it. If you tell us that you wanna have some long talks before screwing, we seriously don't give a damn what you girls are babbling about and w smile lovingly and nod so that all those crap would just end faster. Tip numero uno: Don't tell us you gonna have sex with us if you plan to have long conversation first. We like everything simple and quick. If you are not good with words, look at us, smile and slowly slide your hand below. You said it best when you said nothing at all.

If you wanna try some one-liners, make sure each of the statement you made actually connects. The statements must lead guys to eventually use their brain to fantasize what's gonna happen next and make us anticipate for it. Don't keep it long. We would not wanna know any "Once upon a time" story. Any suggestive statements is to be kept short and simple and doesn't need much brain processing works. Short questions with a smile always works before moving on to "touch him on the penis" stage. Questions such as "Are you thinking what am I thinking?" or "I want it" would simply blows our mind and imagination away.

Why Does It Work That Way?

The main point of this post is actually this. The real weapon in turning a guy or a girl on is the power of imagination. A small suggestive statement or action would trigger our mind to imagine endlessly and hence, turned on. That is why lingerie exists. Everyone knows that wearing sexy lingerie turns a guy on but none really understood the concept of it. Lingerie is suppose to provoke our minds to imagine and whatever actions you do with it actually directly connected to our imagination and hence, we are turned on. Why lingerie are only made partially transparent and not fully transparent? The idea is to tease and made us imagine what's underneath that beauty and what's gonna happen next. So if you wear a sexy lingerie with one leg on the chair, on hand digging your nose while reading the latest edition of Cleo, please don' expect us to get turned on as you will leave nothing for us to imagine.

Just like how it works with girls. Let me ask, if your boyfriend just simply touch you while saying anything random, will it be a turn on? girls are much more complicated creatures as they need much more catalyst in their imagination. That's why girls often come out with suggestion of long talks, nice environment and so on so on. People tend to neglect the common point between both guys and girls "on" button. It's all wired down to the power of imagination. the difference in how our imagination works are so vast that people tend to misunderstood that guys think with their "birds" rather than brains. If you girls didn't know, it is all connected just like how your own body system are.

Brushing up our ego while doing that will help a great deal too. Girls likes to get compliments right? So do guys. Let's just say humans love compliments. With compliments threw in, everything will just go smoothly with your partner and it is also a form of turn on by doing so. Do not ever underestimate the power of compliments. guys please don't hesitate to fish in honest compliments about your partner. It is essential in keeping a good relationship.

T hat's all from me this time. Actually this is just a short and random post to fulfill my vow of blogging frequently. So, please forgive me if it lacks originality, creativity or humor. So that's all from me today. I shall leave you girls the most important tips of all in turning a guys on,

Tip No. @: Said some suggestive statements or actions then touch him on the penis.

In case the guys feel left out, this is an important tip for you to turn girls on.

Keep your mouth shut from complaining, more compliments, listen to whatever she got to say, do whatever she wants and love her.


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