Monday, February 15, 2010

CNY Versus Valentine's Day

A very happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine to everyone. Since today is a double combo of joy for most people and some people triple(wedding or birthday), it makes me wonder that which particular occasion is much more important? As I saw in my facebook, one of my friend wrote that there are more Chinese New Year songs than Love songs which means Valentine's Day got OWNED. Yeah, that is very very true. People "tuk tuk chiang" here and there but also got lot of people "Ah~Ah~Ah" here and there.

I've heard stories about how several bloggers dislike Chinese New Year for very valid reasons too. Yes, I do hate certain blood sucking relatives who took my parent's money for granted. And I also hate how several relatives will bug me about my studies and some time, my love life. Seriously, I don't really wanna talk about it and it's damn annoying. But does that make me prefer Valentine over Chinese New Year? Not really. In fact, I LOVE Chinese New Year and I think there are many reasons why Valentine Day got owned by this occasion.

1. Valentine Day Is Overrated

Not to say exactly I don't like to celebrate it, but I seriously think Valentine's Day is overrated. When you are together with some one you love, won't every day be a Valentine's Day? Do you need an extra special reason to buy a gift, take her out for dinner, massage or have hot kinky sex? No you don't. The only reason needed is only love and nothing more.

2. Money In And Money Out

Being a bachelor, CNY rocks to the max. I don't need to give ang pow yet which means I'm the one on the receiving end all the time. And during Valentine's Day, you got to fork out money for the present, movie tickets, meals and bla bla bla bla. Guess I do not need to further elaborate on this right?

3. Gambling
Chinese New Year is the only occasion where gambling is acceptable for any reason, age or gender. Which other festive season you know that permits gambling? Hari Raya? Deepavali? Christmas? Valentine's Day? No, right?

4. The Length

CNY is suppose to be 15 days while Valentine is only a day. This means 15 days of celebration with your loved ones and also 15 days of chances for you to get more ang pows. Sounds better already? If you are those romantic type of people and would prefer Valentine's Day then let me remind you that there is Chap Goh Meh which is the Chinese Valentine's Day. Another reason for you to simply litter mandarin oranges with perfectly acceptable excuse of finding love.

Don't you just love Chinese New Year? The only time where you can find many acceptable excuse for burning fireworks, gambling, not cleaning the house or throwing mandarin oranges into the river. So Happy Chinese New Year people and also Happy Valentine's Day.


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