Sunday, February 7, 2010

Story of An Innocent Friend

Although this is totally none of my business to begin with but I totally cannot stand looking at a friend so innocently framed and accused in something that she did not start. Let me just call this friend of mine, A. If you are reading this, I apologize for not informing you earlier that I'm gonna blog about this since you are away in Singapore and didn't even bother to call me along. XD Anyway, I don't think you will mind but if you want me to remove this post then tell me about it.

The story begin like this. A had a guy friend, B who has a girlfriend named C. A and B used to be quite close friends before B got together with C. Their relationship is just plain friends as A already had a bf back home in Penang. They had this close relationship together because they both play musical instruments together and to tell the truth, they are not really close enough to be best friends but only as good friends. A treated everyone nicely regardless of guys or girls which eventually land her into many troubles being labeled as a threat to few relationship. It is quite understandable since she has a cute personality and face with a great body to throw in. But what many people didn't realize is she treat everyone the same and never favors one over another unless someone gets on her bad side.

When B got together with C, A decided to keep a distance from B by not calling him out for drinking session anymore in order to avoid any misunderstanding between B and C. Then one day, B called A out of the blue and asked her out for meet up after some time not catching up. A was worried that this would cause a misunderstanding and after much persuasion and assurance from B that C won't get jealous, she agreed. So the two of them went out together and they talk about what happens to their life. B was having a hard time during that time and was kinda moody and she told out her problems to B. To tell the truth, she didn't exactly only tell him about it so it means it ain't a secret or anything but it's just they don't catch up with each other. That's where the problem started.

Eventually, C got pissed and blogged about this incident in her blog. She said that A called B out in order to cry out her problems and wanted to borrow his shoulder to cry on and stuff like that. She called my friend, A a bitch and said that A had a huge crush on B and the whole wold knows about it. She then went on saying how many girls actually call B out to talk and most of them having the intention of stealing him. From her content, is very obvious that she's labeling my friend, A, a boyfriend stealing bitch and an attention whore with a tendency for suicide. The fact is she's very far from the truth.

In her blog, it is written that B told her that A is crying like mad and needed B to comfort her. The truth is, A didn't even cry. If a friend come over to ask about your life, wouldn't you do the same and since B is the who ask her about it. Then, she said that A had text-messaged B and ask him out to bitch about her problems. May be, B didn't tell C about this but B is the one calling and persuading A to come out and meet. A was reluctant at first but B is the one keep pestering her for it. I do not know about other girls, but what C doesn't know that none of the girls in my batch would actually start to sms him or pestered him out for a drink. He's the one kept asking them out and even ask one of them for badminton session which my friend found it to be irritating, It's good for you to support your bf but I seriously think you OVERESTIMATE the popularity of your bf. He's the one initiating all of those stuff and not my fellow female course mates.

I do not know how it goes for the two of you, but there was never a third person in that particular session and if B told you that, then you should know what it means. Regarding my friend having a huge crush on B, that is actually total bullshit and the whole world who knows about it, I would like to know which world they come from. A treats every guy the same and does that mean she had a huge crush on everyone of us? She might treat us kindly but never as good as how she will treat her bf. And those who didn't even witness it for their own eyes, could have the tendency to spew rubbish about my friend are just plain despicable.

And when A found out about the blog, she went to confront B but B just plainly brushes it off and claimed he and C having an argument. Needless to say, A was furious over the false accusation and did not bother to find B anymore. A few days ago, B TEXT-MESSAGED A suddenly to apologize for what happen on the behalf of C. This happen after almost 3 months since the incident. He CLAIMED that someone had created stories and betrayed him. He said that he is the actual victim in this incident and he will find out who is the one doing all this. He is not aware of this blog post until recently. Even the ever gullible A thinks that this is plain bullshit.

The blog is very clearly written in bracket that B told C that A was crying like mad. Which means C hear this story totally from none other than B himself. How could there be any possibility someone else be telling this whole bullshit to C? Even if C heard this from someone else, seeing her intellectual from the way she write, I do not think that she would not go confront B regarding this matter first. And if B is really innocent, he should already had tell her the truth saying that someone betray him. He would have tell her the fact that he's the one who called and pestered A to meet up with him but did he? From what I read, it is very clear that B told C that A is the one begged him to meet up.

B told A to sit quietly and wait. He said that he will ask C to remove the blog post by Monday which C had agreed because she do not want to make the matter worse. He ask A not to mess things up and he will find out who's the one behind it. He too then bitch about how he's being betrayed by his course mates and stressed out because of it.

Being a friend to A, I am seriously not satisfied with only removing the blog post and saying sorry on behalf of C over that matter would be enough. She had publicly framed A and labeled her as a bitch. it also lead to several people leaving comments in her blog on what a bitch, boyfriend stealer, and attention seeker my friend is. They even said that C is such a cool person to let A and B to meet up in the first place. Will a simple blog post removing be enough? Since she had publicly accused and framed my friend being a bitch, why not she publicly wrote an apology as well. At least she have the decency to keep my friend's name in dark which is what I am doing now too in order to keep that decency as well.

Sorry to break this to you, C. The real attention whore is not A but is B. He's the one who initiated the move of calling my friend out. He might be trying to make you jealous by claiming A had a huge crush on her but all those are just plain bullshits. I know he's a great boyfriend to you and good looking as well but he is also very overrated. None of my female course mates have a crush on him while there are one who actually thinks he's kinda annoying. they don't really care if B exists in their life and since you called my friend A a bitch, then B must just be a worse bitch than she is since he do not even have the balls to admit his own mistakes. I highly doubt that he explained everything to you although he told my friend that he will. Seeing him trying to preserve his image and ego, I might as well think he will cook up some bullshits again just like how he bullshit someone had betrayed him and tell you the story to mislead you.

The real victim is not B but is A who innocently got flamed by you. Many of my course mates and seniors are actually aware of this but they do not do anything about it for some reasons but that doesn't mean they are siding with B. Sorry to break it to you that B is not as lovable as you thought he is among my course mates. But you still owe my friend A a public apology for publicly accusing her like that. may be you are not accusing her but hear everything from B.

I think I rant long enough for now. I really cannot stand someone just bullshitting my friend aimlessly. Confront with other people, B and also A before jumping to your own conclusion. I didn't even jump into a conclusion that B is actually lying to you. good riddance.


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