Monday, August 30, 2010

Beef Hakka Noodle in Ipoh

I just realized actually I had several food and restaurant to blog about but didn’t. So, I’m gonna blog about this Beef Hakka Noodle that I totally love. When Ipoh food comes into mind, we definitely cannot run away from anything associated with chickens. And I don’t mean prostitutes here if you are wondering, they are not food also by the way, well, err…may be…can say so…er NEVER MIND!! But actually there are a lot of other food pretty much unknown to people. So if you guys ever get to Ipoh, please NOT ONLY try the Ipoh Chicken and Beansprout Hor Fun or Rice, or the dim sum over here or the salted steamed chicken. If you guys are into beef, let me introduce you to this shop.


The whole shop is ONLY selling Hakka Mee with Beef and also several Yong Tau Foo which we called it “liu” in Cantonese. Sorry I didn’t manage to capture the signboard of the restaurant as there isn’t any I think. Can’t remember why.


But don’t be afraid, it’s along THIS road. Go google or get a GPS to find out where exactly is this place in Ipoh. It’s along Jalan Bandar Timah and actually it is just BESIDE this junction and opposite this road sign. LOL


As you can see, the whole shop only sell one type of noodle here. Usually I came here early in the morning about 8. Because this is usually the first place me and my family stop when coming back to Ipoh early morning.


The Hakka Noodle. The noodle is so chewy and the seasoning is just right. Usually once I had my first bite, I cannot wait to have another bite. It’s kinda dry actually and those who do not like their noodles to be dry, there are soup available.


The meatballs, tofus and also cow tendon ball. I LOVE the cow tendon ball (black color). Actually I’m not sure is that a beef or pork ball, but the texture and taste is usually very much different from the normal meatball. If you don’t know how to order it, just point at the stupid black ball la. LOL


And finally, my favourite of all, the beef soup. The seasoning for the soup is just nice and honestly, I can a few bowls of it if I want to. And the beef is sooooo nice to chew on and the texture is soooooo smooth. I never had any beef with such texture before. The beef I usually eat are a bit rough in texture and also slightly chewy. Eating this beef is like eating chicken thigh, soft, chewy and smooth. I had tried many beef noodle around in Johor, Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur but no beef can compare to this beef. The texture is just so different. I rate it 10/10 for this dish. And the price is actually quite cheap and reasonable as well. Don’t worry if I bullshit you about the price of this dish because usually I’m a cheapskate. And I won’t recommend expensive and food that only taste so so in my opinion.

Ok, that’s all for now. Only a short post to keep my blog alive and also to introduce a very nice but unknown dish in Ipoh. Since most of my readers are from KL, so I guess they will know what to do on their visit to Ipoh. Till next time! Bye.


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