Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Reached The Stars

Most of you guys already know and read this from Carol’s blog that today is our first month-sary. So for this special occasion, may be I should blog about what I think of her and how different we both actually are? So here it goes.

I guess most people tend to agree with me that she’s every guys’ dream girl?  Pretty, smart, kind, loving, sweet, active, understanding etc etc. I personally think that even most girls would tend to agree with me that she’s all that? The amount of suitors she had is also unbelievable and I think it does judgement on her attractiveness in whole.

Me on the other hand? I’m never anyone’s dream guy to begin with which I think mainly due to my height issues. My personality can be somewhat annoying and I’m so good at pissing people off with my sarcasm and remarks, I can even make a fortune out of it. I’m very bold with my statements and I would care less on how many knife wounds your heart might suffer due to my bold remarks. However, that only happens when I strongly disagree with something or someone just kept annoying me.

So in short, I’m like a devil at some point and she’s like an angel to almost everyone. Opposite attracts? I don’t know. What attracted me to her is actually that she NEVER for once thought of anything bad about me. I’m not kidding you when I say that majority people have bad first impression on me. And probably me being the few rare guys that talk to her without having any intentions of chasing or flirting her away. Her sincerity definitely is what initially got me interested in talking to her.

To be frank, what really makes me fall for her is actually how sweet she can be towards me. Even during the times we are friends and both plain clueless that we actually likes each other as well. Despite me being in my best of annoying her by calling her Cabbit, she stills comes and talk to me and so on. I still remembered the time she first called me to cheer me up when I tweet that I “regretted something”. That time actually I was kinda surprised.

Actually that time I wondered if she treats everyone the same way and which kinda hold me back awhile before confessing. She treats everyone that are nice to her equally nice and even nicer. She even treats those who are mean to her fairly nice. Me? I’m like a 20% extra kind of person. You treat me 100% nice, I’ll treat you 120% nice. You treat me 100% bad, I’ll treat you 120% worse. Which makes me such a bad enemy when I’m pissed. But she’s always nice, don’t you think? But don’t piss her off. You might regret it. XD
She’s polite and I’m rude. She’s kinda innocent while I know every single possible thing in the “3 Words Bible” and I can’t make almost ANYTHING to sound dirty, a talent which made me considered trying stand-up comedy. She’s well organized in person while I’m on the wild side.She’s a perfectionist while I’m a not. I love her being so emotionally frank towards me as she show her love and care for me non stop and publicly! Me on the other hand, well, I leave that to you guys to judge.

However, despite all the differences, we share a lot of things in common as well. This actually makes me more drawn to her. Her attitude and appearance do not do justice to her maturity level. She’s very understanding and what I respect about her the most is she’s very clear of herself. She knows her own weakness well which something that very few people are capable of. I guess the post is getting too long for reading comfort. Shall keep more for next time!! XD

100818-214723 Thanks wifey for the lovely present and the blogpost!! Happy 1st month-sary!! XD

P/S: If anyone of you are wondering about the title of this blogpost, the reason of the title is because to me, Caroline is my out-of-my-league kinda girl and I had to said I’m one of the luckiest guy on earth. Reached the stars as in able to capture something so wonderful that seem so impossible for someone like me with my abilities. =)


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