Saturday, March 6, 2010

Supernatural Encounter

Any fans of ghost stories and supernatural stuff out here? I've been a long admirer of such mysteries of the universe. I had books on UFO's, ghost stories, cryptology, conspiracies, coincidence, and many more. I often wondered what will happen if I encountered such event. Will I be scared? Excited? Calm? I eventually get to find out about this.

Before I talk about my encounter, I would like to share this ghost story I've heard since secondary school. This happen to a friend of my friend during one of his camping trip. Supposedly there were 3 beds in the room. With a wardrobe in front of the 3 beds. Then one of the nights, this guy suddenly woke up in the middle of the night. Then as he felt something, he glance over the wardrobe and saw a black shadow sitting above it. Feeling scared and uncertain of what is it, he quickly look away and use the classic trick of pretending to be asleep. then he overheard this:

"Yang kiri sudah tidur, yang kanan sudah tidur dan yang tengah.....pura-pura tidur"
For those who do not understand Bahasa Malaysia, this is the translation..."The left had fallen asleep, the right had fallen asleep and the middle...pretending to be asleep"

Needless to say,, he got scared out of his wits and end up did not slept the whole night. He did not even dare to look at the wardrobe again and pretend to be asleep. It might be one of the most hilarious ghost stories I've heard but it is also definitely one of the scariest. Try to imagine you are in his position.

I've many ghost stories from first hand experience, but I will only share them in my future posts. So let's get straight to the point. What's my supernatural encounter? It happens late last year when I'm in my hostel room. The time is about 6 in the evening but the sky is dark as it is gonna rain very heavily soon. I bet some of you guys remember the heavy rainy season we had during that time? I was just minding my own business and watching another episode of Guess Guess Guess.

Suddenly, I felt a red pinkish glow at a corner of my room. The glow is very bright and I look over. There is a bright glow at a particular spot but there is nothing in my room that could emit such ambiance. Well to make sure, I look over the window. I only saw dark clouds and nothing could be seen nearby that would reflect such glow. Besides, without sunlight, how will there be such reflection in my room. The ambiance lasted about 1 minute from the time I spotted it. I stress that there are no such incident before in my room even till now. It only happens once and no more. I've been in the room for half a year during that time and I've never encountered such a thing before. Needless to say, that was the last I saw of it.

I'm sure some will be asking if I took a picture of it. Yes, I did. I took it before it is able to fade completely. I took it kinda when it is going to fade away because I was busy looking for the source which I could not locate. Here it is.

The red pinkish glow at the corner? I had nothing that could reflect such color in my room

The sky outside during that time which didn't shows much hint of sunlight

Weird huh? some might wondered how I felt that time. To tell the truth, I wasn't scared at all. Rather curious and excited. I wouldn't say it is a ghostly incident as it only happened once. To tell the truth, I wouldn't believe it is a ghost either as it just glows. I would like to see if anyone could explain this to me. Innocent Girl says it looks like an ambiance of blood. I guess I let it up to you guys in this case. It is not spooky at all, besides, it is only 6 in the evening.

That's all for now. So what's your supernatural encounter? Have any? Peace.


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