Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hauntings In My University

Every universities and colleges had their own share of ghost stories. So there isn't any different with my university as well. What I'm gonna reveal here is a set of tales revolving my university told by my friends and sister. How true are these tales, i have no idea. Take note that this is just merely a form of entertainment and do not take this too seriously as I do not have any facts or evidence to support them.

The Sending Away Ceremony
Exactly the year before my sister enter this university, she told me that the uni staff had organized a ceremony to "send" these spirits away. Apparently. too many haunting incidents were reported and then the uni staff had enough. They decided to invite a bomoh(medium) over to perform a ritual and send these spirits away from the university. Apparently, the ceremony was quite a success except for a few spots. There are several spirits which are too strong to be sent away and nothing could be done to stop them. According to my sister, hostel rooms with these hauntings are sealed away and now forbidden for entry. Ironically, there's one semester when my sister had gotten a room next to these "rooms" which scared her out of her wits. Although she did not experience anything before, but she dare not sleeps in her room even in day 1. She sleeps in her friend's room in another block.

Suicide Spirit
I bet many have heard of this one before but none could pin point exactly which hostel this spirit lingers. This is a spirit of a female student who had committed suicide by hanging herself to death in her wardrobe. Seriously, when I heard of this I got shocked. This is because wardrobe over here in my uni are quite low and it stills puzzle me how it actually happened. One of the stories I heard is a student, unaware of this haunting, eventually got into this haunted room. One day, she went over the wardrobe and opened it. To her surprise, there is a ghost hanging in the wardrobe with the tongue extend until the waist. She got the shocked of her life and immediately request for a change of room.


This happened actually last year around August. When I was on the way to my old college to get something from my friend, I'm really surprised to see many of the hostel's staff, students' body and even the headmaster were standing there. I remembered this clearly because I was worried of them giving me a summon for inappropriate attire. Don't think too much, it is just a sleeveless jersey and shorts which are actually forbidden in the compound. However, they were too occupied with a female student being possessed than to care about me. They had called a "uztaz" over to perform the exorcism. Although I wanted to stay around longer to find out what happens but I was too busy that time.

Colorful Ghost?
This happened to my seniors. There's a block where students can actually stay in an apartment sort of place. It is only reserved for girls but now it is reserved only for international students. Freaking unfair if you ask me. So what's the deal with the haunting? Apparently this is some sort of a poltergeist. When there's no one in the apartment, every electronic products will just automatically turned on. Even when my senior make sure that all of them are turned off, these electronics will remain on when they reach back to their place. No one had ever touch these things before.

Then there are several times when my senior woke up during midnight, she would see ghostly figure in green or pink around the apartment. These figures had never harm them before. Sometimes the figure is seen standing by the window and sometimes sitting on the chair. Needless to say, my seniors applied to stay at other hostel after just 3 months in that apartment and they had applied to stay elsewhere.

That's all for now. How do you like these stories? There are not creepy or whatsoever but definitely raise your curiosity. So do you have any ghost stories to share?


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