Thursday, February 14, 2008


This post is dedicated to all my frens back in USJ..Firstly, i would like to apologised to some whom i did not have much time to meet even during my been very busy busy until not much time to meet up with u guys..truly miss all of you and hope i can meet up with u all..i dun usually blog about myself anymore but i'll make an exception here...These are the following people i would like to meet up..
1. Wei Phoi ( long time no dota..tell ur mom i want ang pau )
2. Soon Yee ( Find time yam cha dee )
3. Joshua Ooi ( Sohai...come brother miss u )
$. Caryn ( haha sorry long time neva catch with u )
6. Huimin ( popia...macam tak kenal lagi jer )
7. Tzin Siang ( quack...any nice anime or game? )
8. Jonathan Leong ( so long no see la dude...haihz..say yam cha but u ffk me that time lol )
9. Wai Ken ( gay...when want yam cha again? lol )
10. Pei Ying ( hope can meet up with the rest and chat like last time lol )
11. Pearly ( refer number 10 please... )
12. Chee Meng ( why i wanna meet u anyway??? lol..jk )
13. Sashi ( dude, here no one can be as perverted and sohai like u la..miss having u )
14. Ellice Lee ( almost forgot )
15. Daniel Lean ( bro..singapore can come johor find me wan leh lol )
16. Wye Kitt ( long time no hear from u la Sohai )
17. Kelly ( haha wanna see u got grow taller or not although i'm not tall myself.. )
18. Suleen ( Susu Anlene..hehe dun angry k )
19. Cheah Hun ( boss..sorry that day cannot play mah jong..damn pokai leh..haha hope to see u to 'chui sui' )
20. Kien Mun ( Taiko...long time no yam cha also )
21. NARESH ( indon bole? )
22. Miss Foo ( haha believe it or not teacher? )
23. Hin Guan ( lol when want yam cha together with my lou poh chai )
24. Seow Yen ( u also refer above la haha )
25. Jia Qi ( same as above la haha )

To those of my other friends whose name is not written i would like to meet u all wan...dun worry..just that the one listed is different a bit mah... so sorry la k?

Well, i had encountered so many problems and i am being patient a sometimes i cannot really talk to u all not due to study pressure but also the emotional stress building inside me...i must confessed that i'm not really happy with a few people..may be some already had known my short-temperness but to those who do not know then let me be..may be it's just my style of handling certain situations by refraining to speak up becoz by doing so nothing good will come out..some might thought they know me well, but actually not even close..^^ i do not mean to hurt anyone here..but that's the truth..sometimes i do not look at surrounding factors in making's just the sincerity and effort being done...some people will think the world had owed them when they are just doing effortless effort and everything must go their way..i think myself as a team player and if there's anyone that gonna spoil the team, i ain't no giving any shit of respect..the problem for a quarrel that i had started in all 21 years of my life are issues concerning respect..i might look open minded and care free but i do look at things at a complicated please qustion me before assuming anything about me...i do not think anyone really know about me except my girl..i'm no being judgemental about people's status but i just go with the flow of communication which means i treat people depending on how they treat me...for the better or for the worse...that's all i gotta blog for now..wait up for my next post..hopefully BYEEZ


xminzx said...

im not a popia dei. ish i still kenal you okayyyyy. just that u're alwis busy :P and oso cos i ffk-ed at times la. haha. i accept ur apology :D LOL

Kelly said...

Wahhh... so touching =')
hehe. No worries lahhhh. I'm still as short as before. But prettier only. =p
hahaha... wait til we all graduate. And will ofcourse still remember u!!
Take care yahhh!!

kenny said...

soooooooooooo touch when i saw im 2nd place in ur list...HAHA!!!
u come back yam char call only la,weekend i will be at USJ wan...and congrats u can vote d,which party u voting?HAHA...when is ur singapore trip la...faster plan then we go geylang...HAHA!!!SEE YA SOON!!!

sashi said...

perversion n sohainess r things of the its spiritual like a my spirituality still some nudity....nude yoga, im still spiritual..btw it was touchin post...reminded me of the best days of my life..those f6 days


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