Saturday, February 16, 2008

Communication and Relationship

This post will about the basic of the basic. Well, basically this is just my opinion about things so dun take it too seriously or anything. ^^ From what i observed, the way people communicate or how trhey start a relationship depends heavily on the way they were brought up. Environment have the biggest influence over their socializing skill. Do you all agree?

Well,making frens is easy but keeping them is not easy..starting a relationship is harder and keeping it is even harder. How do people actually can cope with all this? what makes a person more sociable? Well, may be is the environment factor. Parents in my opinion do play a big part in this but very often we see the behaviour of their parents are totally different from their kids. The parents could be could be very open while their kids can be very reserved. This depends on how the parents set an example for them and how they treat them. It is well known that a physically and mentally abused child will remain reserved and do not seem to trust anyone. NUTS..what the hell i'm talking about..this seems to be going to be like an secondary school essay.

Coming to my main point, i thinks that people develope their socializing skill by observing and learning..ESPECIALLY from their peers..well, i do have to confessed i had changed and influenced some..hehe...may be some of you know what i'm talking about.. I think i'm more like a talkative and open type of person...after being with me for a certai n time, people will start to make corny jokes like me, well..let's just say they become a bit sohai like me la... A few of my friends are actually quite reserved or they do not socialize easily with people around them before i met them.. EHEM seems like i'm bragging about myself but that's the came to this university and i had found quite a bunch of friends..Judging by their characteristics...people that came from the same school actually had quite a resemblance in their way of socializing..some of them are quite full of themselves..i mean not to complain about u guys but this is just something i thought..please dun take this to heart lol. I'm not cultured shock about all this as i'm used to confronting a lot of types of people in my lives.. Even something new would not really shocked me a bit. Some really seems open minded but in the end they are not..i met selfish people..note's in plural..although my frens back in USJ had warn me about this but i still glad to come here and meet some people which i considered worth knowing..i do admit i'm selfish at times but with reasons..and who isn't? communicating with people is not's hard to judge others characteristics..some want people to treat them the way they pleased..well i'm a person that treats people the way treats me judgemental but i think that's the only fair way..i will treat them good initially to really find out who they it worth all the effort to continue? Recently i had an argument with a lot of people ( which is the main reason i blog this shit ) and think this is not new to some of my old friends..i believe argument is also a way of communicating but may be in a negative way..but negativity sometimes produce better results...but in some, it's impossible..i do not have much idea for blogging..just that need some place to get this out of me..thanks for wasting your time reading this..feel free to drop a comment..^^

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Ong said...

yea,your thinking quite nice,i agree with that ;)

hmm,but if can,eventhough hw a people treat u,i mean in negative or positive way,just try to be good and nice treat them back lar,u got wat i mean?;) (soli ya,cz english too poor..haha)

At first saw u in U,feel tat u are a 'sombong' guy..but aft mix wif u,jz noe tat u r a nice n 'bird' people..XD
just a thg,sometimes u need to control ur mood,dun alw so fast 'pekchek' ya^^..



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