Monday, October 15, 2007

Anime and Manga = My escape route from reality

Well, most of my friends will know i'm a japanese manga and anime freak..HECK, i even work at an anime shop before i start my uni and anime will top my list entitled " THINGS TO DOWNLOAD BEFORE I GET MY ASS BACK TO UTM AND ROT TO DEATH ".... Why do i like them so much as some will ask coz they think that i'm a lil bit childish for chasing after all these stuffs...well, to start, it enrich my imagination...anime and manga totally creates a whole new environment and world for human..there's a limit to reality but there no ending for imagination..although i will not be like those otaku in japan that totally closed their doors to reality but it gives me a door to escape reality and reach for the beyond with my imagination..And these imagination will bring us far and even could affect our lives..For example, many technologies we had today were once labelled impossible and only existed in novels or comics..and F.Y.I some of them were built based on comic and novel. Like for the motorcycle i'm doing for my Industrial Design Project..Suzuki G-Strider( a concept motorcycle ) were based on the famous "Kaneda's Bike" in the comic "Akira" some would have read my blog in friendster, life's a bitch, when i'm down...this will be my escape route...when i land back to reality...aHHHHH fresh air.... i do not know about others but these "childish stuff" definitely broaden my view and imagination and creativity too..animation and mangas contain millions of ideas beyond epectation and by absorbing them it will enrich my source of ideas as well..why do i even blog about this? becoz a certain someone ask me why i still watch them and this is to hit back at that fella..EAT THIS.....LOL


ryn said...

wow. u're blogging again.haha
dropping by la.. =)

xminzx said...

minz is dropping by too..well, hello! :)

pyng said...

shishi!! lol.

Sinn Yee said...

wow. new article.
Just dropping by... (^_^*)


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