Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Brand New Beginning

A new blog page for me means a new beginning for me..i've been thinking to stop blogging coz of the "wonderful" internet line at my hostel which makes it hard for me to update my blog..Unfortunately, i love blogging and that is a fact..why let these things stop me? Well, the reason for a new blog page becoz i wanna have a new beginning but...same old approach, same old style and same old attitude with a little bit of spice added into it..please mind my english coz i did not had much practise recently and i could notice the drop of "form".......Anyway, first...why literature in form of a blog? what stupid theme is that? well, the theme is suppose to mean that there will be people who will not like it but at the same time some will like it...just like how literature is to people....i definitely people will like my blog but at the same time there are people who do not like the heck...does it even matters? people did not merely read literature, they admire, appreciate, comment and to understand the beauty of it...i do not want people to just read my blog but to see and realize things in my point of view...u may not agree with it least u will know what i i do wish to see people dropping comments for me regardless it is bad or good... so i end my annoying introduction with a word of thanks to everyone who will read my blog even if u all are not interested in it...THANKS AND ENJOY

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