Monday, November 9, 2009

The Underwear Story

Sometimes the weirdest things happens. By weirdest, I really do mean the screwed up type weird. Apparently, there is an underwear thief here in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Why? Look at this notice below.

Yeah, I know that some might think that this is common and might not seem weird to you people that there are underwear thieves around. So, let me point to you guys why this is weird.

1. I lived in a all-boys and only boys allowed hostel and this notice is in one of my hostel's laundry lobby.

Who the fuck in the right mind will go and steal underwear from the same bloody sex? And according to this notice, it seems like underwear stealing in my hostel is a HABIT. Seriously, I do not know that any guys and even gays will think of stealing underwear from other people of the same sex.

No matter how kinky their mind is in, there's no bloody difference in the underwears among guys no matter what freaking brand they are. Very few guys have fancy underwear worth stealing. Unlike girls, we look like shit in underwear.

Living in this conservative environment, I doubt there will be even guys that wear thong so I assume that all the underwears here are the same. Is either that thief is a sick dude or just really need to sell some under to make a quick buck.

2. The warning

Look at the warning. "Be ware, anda diperhatikan". What the hell with this warning? Should we piss our pants when we saw that message? That's so kindergarden standard of treat. If I'm the one who made the notice, I will come out with these warnings.

1. I have AIDS, steal my underwear bitch if you have balls of steel
2. I masturbated with these on, steal them if you don't mind
3. No point stealing, my package is too big and you definitely won't be able to wear my underwear
4. I wipe my ass with these

Now that's what I call proper warnings. I don't have AIDS FYI, so don't get the wrong idea when I mentioned that. Besides the no.3, there is no truth in any of them.

That's all for some random crap from me again after a week long in hiatus. My advice for underwear thief, if you not have any underwear for yourself, go freeballing la...better for you la...make your package bigger..LMAO


heeism said...

yea, i prefer to go freeballing.. cos mine is bigger than urs!

Eric Lee said...

applications of the "L-theory" i suppose...hahaha we should make an anti underwear these things wun happen LOL

~dolly~ said...

UTM so dangerous now ar?
u're from what kolej?
KTC? KRP? K14-K17? KP?

Eric Lee said...

K10...haha last time KP la...UTM now very dangerous la...that's why got "no bonceng" campaign

conan_cat said...

well, you will never know what type of psychos are out there...

in japan people are selling 2nd hand used underwears for a very high price.

god knows why. :P

Eric Lee said...

really??? i dunno

Aezlika said...

eeeks..and this happened in the guys dorm? lol i tot only girls will do that (girls with sick mind) but i've never come across things liedis aso in my dorm..only a warning from someone who got her cake stolen LOL

she had bad english, it was funneh..she cursed whoever that stole it to be fat

Eric Lee said...

hahahah that's a funny one...curse anyone who stole it to be fat...u should blog about it..LOL

tight underwear said...

I have to say, I've been known to lie fully dressed before. Thanks Lee, Always glad to know when clothing is optional!

Anonymous said...

Thank u :-) look at this emo boy one over this blog:


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