Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Moments of truth and despair = priceless

It's been centuries ago since i last updated this piece of crap..i'm gonna make it more interesting soon when i'm free...life has been busy and hectic..well, the bloody reason i wrote this post is that how unhappy i had become over such a small period..i may not be the type that everyone in the world will like and i ain't gonna aim for that..my first design project was given last friday..it is a hell of a task to be completed in 2 weeks time..i was truly amazed by certain ppl..well, how fake and falseful they are till the stage that they think they still did the right thing...i know may be my coursemates-chinese or non-chinese alike-will not read my blog..if they do, well just think about what i'm about to deliver here.

During this early stage of design, i fairly think that we all should work together regardless of groupings or races..but supposingly as far as i'm concerned, the hell i see unity and team working among my mates..each and everyone of them just set their eyes on others ideas and researches without offering anything in return..i'm more than willing to discuss together about this subject matter but i've seen no equal compensation in return for it...am i being selfish or asking too much for trading information? i simply do not know...it's been a merry-go-round affair for all i'm concerned.."do u have any ideas for the project?" 'Erm, kinda had a few mechanism planning out..you?' "oh, i had no idea, what did u plan?"...like hell i'm gonna letting u take it all without giving any back...may be some of you all did not realise it but it's way too obvious..what are friends? i believe that we are much more than friends...we are comrades..each n everyone of us wanted to outshine each other n be the best..well, to tell the truth, i do not know how we can be the best without helping each other out..Nokia designers dun work alone? which designer will? who can excel and climb to the top all by themselves? i dun not care about the competition among each other..being competitive is good but there is a fine line between competitive and selfishness..why not we share out research together and then come out with your own design? each and everyone of us need to help each other out and in case u guys neva heard what che tat said..he said, "I'm gonna let you guys choose your own group members, that way i can see what kind of ppl u r"...need a hint? UNITY..i do not know how long will it take them to understand this but as far as i'm concerned..if everyone is gonna be selfish well so am i..i thought that i could share out some useful information that will help a lot but i guess..no point in doing so..i'll be back for the next post...updating on the project..tata

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