Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Birthday My Dear Caroline

Warning first ah!! Another bulu roma raising experience!

It’s been 4 months plus and yet here we are. Things are a bit shaky but I still believe that there will be a better future for us together. I would like to wish my dear loved one Caroline Ng May Ling a very happy birthday. May your life will be filled with happiness and success and also me of course.

For this birthday of yours, I know I couldn’t celebrate with you. I know I am not there for you. But I hope that all the upcoming birthdays of yours, I will stand by your very side to wish and hold you personally. I had many flaws as I’m only human and I am glad that I have you with me. I’m sorry for any mistakes and wrongdoings that I had done.

I seek a gift, Cruising along the ocean breeze,
Love was a myth, At least until I saw you, miss,
Off we go adrift. Reaching for what we both had missed,
Vow to not ever grief, Over the pact we both conceived,
Each moment may be brief, Love still grow fonder like a kiss,
Yearn and if, In this ride we through all rift
Our love will be received, Never broken never adrift,
Until conceive, Eternal bond that we wished.

Happy Birthday, Caroline.


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